Mary’s Meadow by Dr Cris Henderson

We come to Mary’s Meadow – often called The Field of Dreams - our special meeting place with Mother Mary which embodies the full force of divinity hidden within our essential selves. 
Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

We enter Heaven through the Gate of Black Roses – no ordinary gate – it looks innocuous – it is not. This is the part of heaven where Mary reveals herself as the Black Madonna, the dark feminine, the Kali aspect. She is alive, she is fierce, and she will no longer be silenced.  

This is the place of real revolution. 

Kali – ‘She Who is Black’ – greets us in her role as a revolutionary force – Mary’s soul sister – she opens the Gate of Revolution within. She lets our passion out. We allow her to re-awaken us – we no longer sanction forces of darkness roaming the earth. 

We enter into her ferociousness.

We have hidden in the cracks of time – we have not wanted to look into the mirror of life and see ourselves – we have not wanted to feel our own violence or our depth of suffering – all of which created our blindness. 

The Black Madonna helps us recognise our darker selves.  

There are several paths inside Mary’s Meadow – only one to the Forest of Black Roses – to a place of healing where grief pours from us in waves of darkness and sound.

We are given a black leaf from the rose world tree – we eat this and are transformed. We no longer paste over the cracks – the dark issues out of our bodies like jets of black steam. 

We return to the gate to see what other paths are there. We see her just inside the gate – the Mother who is dark and passionate and filled with the courage which it takes to reach this gate – she will only show herself when you are ready to go onto a new path – to embody a new energetic – the revolutionary Christ Consciousness.  

To reach this spot, energise the spotlight within which shines onto everyone whom you meet. Once we dimmed the light when it became bright – now nothing will make us lower the beam that works through us, for us and for Mother Mary and the Black Madonna. 

We earth the essence of the combination – Mother of God and the Black Madonna – the two become one – they form the feminine face of God, the Great God Mary. 

We are beyond fantasy – the diversions are over – we have come back into our essential selves. 

And it is already done.

Dr, Cris Henderson

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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