MARY’S SACRED ROSE by Dr. Cris Henderson

It was not until I was in my forties that I realised I had the ability to lift my frequency, to shift the energy and to become a vibrational match to a higher order. It was only then that I realised that I am a shape shifter and that I can shape my own reality.  As I worked with the glorious rose energy, the energy thought forms and perceptions that became integral to the rose story burst into blossom.  When this happened it changed the energy into something that I could perceive with a greater sense of ease.  It was familiar to me and part of an ancient story – an ancient story of the lineage of the sacred rose – the lineage of Mother Mary and the Black Madonna.

I met Mother Mary in her form as Quan Yin in the seventies in my most beloved city – Hong Kong – here I was taken to a temple in the New Territories and I saw her for the first time.  Something happened that day and my life was never the same again. It was some years later when I was back in Australia that I met Mother Mary in the flesh.  Whilst waiting for a serious operation in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, she entered presenting herself as a visitor and with remarkable information about the operation I was about to undergo.  My rage was palpable – I called the Head Nun and asked her to explain how visitors could get into the hospital without screening. I was told that my visitor was none other than Mother Mary herself.  I realised this enormous truth and my life changed once again as I agreed to become her earthly sacred rose advocate.

The rose is a living deity and a spiritual being in her own right.

Rose energy transports us beyond current definitions of metaphysics, mastery and oneness so much so that Rose Healing results in physical, psychological and spiritual transformation. It catapults the energy systems that we think we know into a new form of Rose Alchemy. It is not an easy path – and it cannot be taken in half measures.  This was proved to me when once again, more recently I found myself in the same hospital, in the same wing where I had seen Mother Mary previously.  This time she presented herself with symbols, visions and deep understandings as I faced my death.  I left the hospital once again still alive and still working for Mary. She guided me to renew and revisit her sacred Mary energy – the energy of life – the energy of dark secrets and light forces – and I began all over again. 

This time I was introduced to the Black Madonna and I began to open the rose lines of light and to reach into and embody her energy and her purity in ways that I had never imagined possible before.  As I did this, the rose lines went out all over the world – each rose found her place to bring in the change – and with the Black Goddess of darkness I was able to embody both – the light and the dark – and as I did this– well it all became light, the suffering was embraced and a new rose was finally born.

For further information or to begin your individual rose journey please contact Dr, Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist. Email:  Or +61(0) 424 949 742.

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.


  • I love your story Cris so energizing, warm and inspiring to encourage
    us all to know how much good there is in us. You are so amazing to show us the flow so we can embrace what is, in ways we can imagine and not even know but so expansive to be open to what is. Looking forward to being part of whatever is next in the journey of the Rose and beyond….” Rose Marie Banks

  • The Sacred Rose. Symbolizing the Divine Feminine, Mother Mary, and God’s Love. Cris Henderson, a representative of Mother Mary and the Rose path, has dedicated her life to the Rose. She has a following of Rose Sisters and Brothers from all over the world and last year was instrumental in bringing us all together to do Earth Energy work with the Rose Lines.

    She is divinely inspired and has a direct connection with Mother Mary and the Rose Energy. Cris has written many books to help Rose’s get started,or to delve deeper into the sacred Rose secrets. She has been an inspiration and shining light for me, as I walk the Rose Path.
    Thank you for all you do! Much love, Lisa”


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