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A fascinating revelation that came to me once getting back to doing live shows again was that we as the medium judge our show by our expectations. In reality, a show we may feel wasn’t as inflow for us, doesn’t lessen the messages bought through for others. 

Often over the years, when I felt a show wasn’t as ‘great’, I was surprised when it actually resulted in many readings booked in after the show. Even more than the shows, I felt amazing afterwards! 

Did this mean the audience didn’t feel the shows hit the mark? No, not all of them. Some shows there are many connections, and in others, more time is spent on the messages, meaning the number of connections is less. And some spirits are just more entertaining to a crowd than others – there are so many variables. 

This is an interesting observation. It brings me back to my thoughts on how we as the medium rate our performance. But is this fair on the spirit world or the audience member? Does a show that seems to feel a bit flat for us, deserve that observation when the connections to those receiving a reading in the audience is life changing? This was shared with me during a connection with my spiritual team recently, and one I found fascinating. After all it’s not our show (the medium doing the event)! 

To be of service to the spiritual world, is to surrender to the messages they share with us for the audience. If we fully trust the spirit world to be a messenger, surely that means the connections needed on the night, far outweigh the importance of our need for wanting to shine or be amazing? This is something I’ve struggled with and going back to being my own worst critic – I have been hard on myself. 

And this brings about a whole other concept, by sitting in judgment, I’m outlining what my expectations are and putting limits on my Mediumship. Sure, there’s been times I’ve felt like quitting doing platform demonstrations, (and I mean a few times), it takes a lot to step up on that stage and fully trust. It’s so much easier to stick to one-on-one readings, but the offers keep showing up, and I’m no quitter. 

So, the question spirit asked me was can I get over the fact that sure, some shows rate higher in my own mind than others, but can I surrender to the fact that I’m making a massive difference to many regardless of what my own inner dialogue says?

To all the platform mediums out there I feel YOU, we all put ourselves out there to be messengers for the spirit world and that’s big. Don’t quit, you have got this! A not-so-great show in the eyes of some, isn’t the view of many.

When we surrender to a power bigger than us magic happens, AND DON’T FORGET COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY 🤩

Tonia Reeves 

Australia’s Cowgirl Medium



Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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