Mother Earth Speaks: Death of the Old and Birth of the New by Shelley Rose

The following is a big picture of what is happening for the earth in this moment – from my viewpoint, which may mean what is happening for all of us:

The mother earth entered into a death transitional process on the 23rd of July 2021. She had been very sick. Her roots had rotted to the core. (The earth’s roots are the strands of DNA within the human form and at this level, you are connected with all life forms.)

Mother earth had been listening to her children. Their cries reached her on many occasions, and she felt their pain and suffering. She listened to the underground waters, oceans and sacred bodies of water and ice, rains, fires, winds and the air, elements of the soil, ancient stones, the lands, mountains and volcanoes, song-lines and sacred energy portals, great forests and ancient bush lands. She listened to the elder trees and other plant life, the little peoples of the earth and carers of nature, ancient sea-life and creatures of the deep, big and small creatures of the air, land and water. And she listened to human life.  

The general populace of humans and their leaders were not listening to their sisters and brothers of the natural world, or even to the young and old of their own kind, who spoke with such great passion that many in the unseen took notice.  

In response, mother earth conceived a daughter – a new earth. This young earth is pristine, and abundant with diverse habitats for the many species who no longer wished to birth their young into toxic, depleted, and harmful environments. The new earth was birthed just over two weeks before the mother entered the death transitional process. This is her gift to all life.

What this means for human life: we are now in a transition period, moving from the old to the new with reverence and thanks for what has been and for what is coming.

It may be helpful to see this death transitional process as a snake that is shedding its skin. The snake is the earth, and the world is the skin. The consciousness of earth (which we are all a part of) has outgrown this world dimension.  

In your personal lives, you now have the wonderful opportunity for old structures and forms to die, and the new to be birthed within you while you are still living that you may connect with the new earth.  

So how do you die while you are still alive, and become a new human?

Begin by giving thanks and blessing ALL in your life. This is a sacred process of surrender (dying).

Realise that wholeness or peace in your life does not come from only blessing one side of creation – what you might call the ‘positive’ or ‘light’ side. You would not have the precious gifts of growth, understanding of the heart, and capacity for great joy without the ‘negative’ or challenges of life to propel you forward to greater depths of knowing and perception.

During this transition know that you can still connect with mother earth in presence, song, dance, instrument playing, words and other creative offerings through an open-heart intention. This will also help to dissolve the fear and distraction around you and for all.

Your heart is the greatest mystery and ‘key’ in existence.

Would like to honour the transitioning of our mother earth, and like to join in with me on Thursday 23rd September – the Spring Equinox – at the rising of the sun? You can, by being in stillness and listening to the silence of a new creation, wherever you are.

Shelley Rose

Shelley Rose (White Buffalo Moon) was born with a spiritual gift. She connects directly and lovingly with those caught in the subtle realms after death. From a very young age Shelley could see and communicate with the spiritual, nature and celestial realms and the worlds in-between, acting as a bridge and spiritual guide/healer, a nurturing protective mother energy for all those who have died, but remain bound to this world.

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