Part 1: Mother Earth Speaks by Shelley Rose

Have you wondered what it would be like to hear the earth speak? Have you wondered what she would communicate to you?  

Communication with nature doesn’t happen through words; however, words can set the intention and focus.

It is sound that causes a vibration of frequency in the body that may help to open the space for communication with nature to occur. You can feel this vibration as a physical sensation in your body. It is the heart energy that carries this communication of frequency across time, dimensions, and throughout space.

If there is no space in the physical, emotional, mental and energy fields of the body, sound cannot carry. The vibration is dead, like when you strike a chime but you are holding the metal bar, so sound cannot travel. Without the space, the resonance stops suddenly, and that sound or form dies. This is similar to what happens to your body when it has no more space.

Space means having a body that is reasonably free of toxicities, and enough daily minerals in your diet to sustain a resonance of sound in the body. Drinking pure water helps to carry the resonance throughout the form.

You can give your body space by releasing the stress and pressure off it. This may mean lightening your schedule, and creating more relaxed moments in your daily life…

Space means having a mind that has some freedom from thinking; and there is an awareness when thoughts and emotions are controlling the body, creating fields of resistance that block the resonance. There is also an awareness when the body is being controlled by humanity’s collective field of mental resistance – it will look like fear and concern.

The energy fields of the body are sensitive to its internal and external environments. This means your personal energy field is affected by thoughts and emotions, and the health of your internal systems – as well as your physical surrounds. The external environment includes electromagnetic frequencies, technologies, the energy fields of each other, group fields, and the human collective field.

Keeping the space of your personal energy field reasonably clear can be challenging and requires much vigilance. This means not allowing yourself to be drawn into the distractions around you. Instead, you are focusing on what’s real – your body, your breath, the sounds of nature, the presence of another, each daily activity…

If you have created space in your life with some level of awareness you may be capable of sounding or communicating with the Consciousness of Nature. Your human body is a receiver and transmitter of sound frequency (consciousness) for the multiplicity of earth and cosmic forms, every realm and dimension of life – all one in the Presence of Life Consciousness, which is now penetrating into this world.

You have the possibility for being the link, the central hub of connection for all Life forms.You have that much potential, it’s beyond your ability to even imagine.

Next month, I will share how you may begin to access your human potential….

Shelley Rose

Shelley Rose (White Buffalo Moon) was born with a spiritual gift. She connects directly and lovingly with those caught in the subtle realms after death. From a very young age Shelley could see and communicate with the spiritual, nature and celestial realms and the worlds in-between, acting as a bridge and spiritual guide/healer, a nurturing protective mother energy for all those who have died, but remain bound to this world.

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