Mr Paddy’s Bookshop – Book 1 by Dr. Cris Henderson

One of my latest books ‘Mr Paddy’s Bookshop’ describes the birthplace of the rose lines of light in the famous London bookshop – they are the rose energy lines that are currently opening up to heal Mother Earth. Similar to ley lines, the major difference is that the rose lines are under the stewardship of Mother Mary herself. 

Exploring ‘Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop’ shows us how Mother Mary’s project originally began.

Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

‘Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop’ was written in London where I encountered its actual characters on the streets and wrote them into a story. The people concerned appeared every day as I wandered London. Their magic followed me around the city.

And so the book was born. 

It concerns a network of magical beings’ intent on saving London from the influence of unadulterated evil. Overcoming evil will change London into a beacon of light. Behind closed doors the Spellbinders, disguised as toy Teddy Bears, create light-filled maps of London. The Spellbinders are from another dimension. Their bear form enables them to be present all over London without causing comment. However dark forces are working to halt this project. They are determined to destroy everyone who is connected with the project, particularly Mr. Paddy.

I just love Mr. Paddy. He is truly a being of magic. In his role as manager of the secret rose light mapping project, he excels as he out-manoeuvres the dark side. My feelings about him run deep as I can often feel his actual presence. What I failed to mention is that Mr. Paddy is a leprechaun. He works with all the kingdoms and is a particular friend of the gentle giant of Galway, Gerry. 

It is at Gerry’s home in Ireland that the finale takes place – a wondrous celebration which brings with it glimpses of ascension energy.

Since the rose lines of light are activated in the bookshop the characters inspire us to continue what they began – we can energise the rose lines of light as part of our own sacred journeying. As we send love into the rose lines then countries, towns, cities, oceans and lakes – all of Mother Earth will gradually be enlivened and expanded as we work together to raise her vibration.

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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