My Body Loves Me – Book 2 by Dr. Cris Henderson

Book No. 2 is the book I lovingly refer to as my ‘body book.’

The topic is body magic and bringing the rose lines of light alive within our bodies. I had fun writing this book as I looked into my own body and followed her guidance as to which organ was pertinent.

As I travelled within I was in awe of what I found – the resilience, the gentleness and the guidance that she offered me was simply unparalleled – and for all these years I had not realised! I gave lip service to words about understanding my body however that was nothing like the experience I had journeying within. At the end of the process I was gentler with myself, more understanding and willing to ask her forgiveness for having pushed her so hard over the intervening years. 

I host an international group called ‘The Rose Revolution.’ We meet monthly with an agenda to work with a particular location to activate the rose lines. Each person also has their own area of the world which they cover in between meetings – and each person has their own personal rose of a certain colour.

When the rose lines of light are activated in the bookshop the characters inspire us to continue what they began – we can energise the rose lines of light as part of our own sacred journeying. As we send love into the rose lines then countries, towns, cities, oceans and lakes – all of Mother Earth will gradually be enlivened and expanded as we work together to raise her vibration.

My journey with the Rose Lines of Light continues – and this month my group is travelling to Mother India to reignite Mary’s lines. Our combined intention to bring Mary’s light back into the world is our mission – we stand together united in our commitment for the success of this enterprise.  

Should you be interested in the Rose Lines of Light please do not hesitate to contact me – there are many ways to find them and to activate them within yourself and within Gaia – I would be happy to work with you on such a mission. In the meantime perhaps you would like to go to my website and download the books.

Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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