My Spiritual Journey through Visionary Art and Writing by Jennifer Therese

Through my dreams and recalls of past lives, I know I have been an artist and this has been a strong calling for me in this lifetime too, for I am always involved in some form of creative process.

As a child, I spontaneously knew how to move out of my physical body. I just didn’t know that’s what it was. I was told I was simply daydreaming. After leaving school, I trained as an artist discovering the use of many different mediums. Later I became a secondary school art teacher— just love to learn, do and teach in that order.

A different form of creativity was revealed to me during when I was training as a counsellor. We had to study different modalities; some l enjoyed but what I enjoyed most were NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is still around today. I also learned Creative Visualisation. In doing so I was able to open my spiritual eye, the place between the eyebrows, where we see our dreams, and I was back to my childhood’s favourite pastime: daydreaming.

During these earlier creative visualisations or inner journeys, I would meet some spiritual beings who taught me about leaving my body and travelling into other worlds. At the time, I just brushed them off as the product of my vivid imagination. Later I would discover that these beings really do exist, and I have since met others who were also familiar with them, and some have painted the same spiritual beings.

Another change in my spiritual development through art came about when I was commissioned to paint a large mandala. At the time I didn’t know what they represented. As I began to use them more regularly in my artwork, I discovered they provided me with a structure to help me better concentrate. This also helped me when contemplating, an active form of meditation, which opens the spiritual eye for spirit to come through and reveal deeper aspects of myself.

A friend introduced me to a wonderful spiritual gift: a sound called HU. She explained it was a sacred, ancient form of prayer and suggested I sing it in a soft non-directional way, allowing spirit to guide me. Using the sound of HU in my spiritual practices, I received gentle energy flowing from my heart, through my arms, into my hands, and onto the medium, I was using. I just loved my hands knowing what to do of their own accord, and singing HU silenced my critical, busy mind. It was an amazing experience.

One thing led to another and soon I discovered the teachings of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. I met other like-minded people who shared their own spiritual experiences and together we sang HU. I became a member of Eckankar because the teachings validated my own spiritual experiences, and I was now consciously receiving direct inner spiritual guidance and discovering new ways to deepen my spiritual understanding. Deep in my heart, I now know that I am able to explore and embrace more fully who I truly am, Soul. I know that I am loved and that I exist because God, the universal creator, loves me. The sound of HU resonates within me; I am Soul, a unique spiritual being as we all are. This ever-expanding depth of love keeps growing more and more. In my inner worlds, I can experience that truly sacred part of me.

As time went by, I moved even deeper within myself and my creativity changed course yet again. I began writing poetry, and later some of the poems became songs.

A memorable experience I recall was one I had in a dream. Where I was guided to a golden temple on another plane of existence and there I met a spiritual guide. This temple was a huge domed structure, about the size of 6 football fields, built like no other I have ever seen on earth, for it was made of Light and Sound. It was translucent and had a soft transparent look and feel.

As I looked around I saw some male and female figures dancing in a way that appeared to be in a gymnastic style. They were dancing and floating and turning over and around at the same time, they didn’t seem to touch the floor. Pale coloured lights were coming from their hands and the air was filled with a beautiful lilting, uplifting sound like no other I had ever experienced before.

I looked at the spiritual guide and told him I would really love to do that. “You already are!” he replied, pointing to a small figure wearing a full body suit of a soft metallic blue. In that instant I became the small figure, dancing in the Light and Sound of HU.

Later, returning to the inner guide, I asked what this was for? Where will it all go when this is over? He pointed again, and I saw another huge domed structure of Light and Sound. He told me the beings in there are the inventors and engineers. This dome’s mural will go over the structure to uplift and inspire all those who work there. Around the time of this dream vision, I was given an art commission. It consisted of four paintings for the boardroom of a large corporation, with the brief from the CEO that he wanted these paintings to say something about what the company did and to inspire, uplift and guide all those who went in there. My dream had become reality!

Another time, while I was painting, one of the spiritual beings I had seen in my dream, manifested in my awareness. While I started painting what I saw in the inner worlds onto the canvas, he communicated with me telepathically. One of the things he told me was that in future, I would have the opportunity to work as an artist while helping others in a more personal way.

Years later I did have the chance to have these spiritual visionary art sessions with other people. Using the many skills learned in the past, I felt guided, just as were my clients, in finding their own spiritual understanding of the lessons they were learning through their life experiences.

They obtained clarity and directions to enrich their way of living and being. I too benefited, as I would often find spiritual guidance that related to my life.

Such sessions were both humbling and rewarding. Many told me how creating the paintings allowed them to gain deeper understanding not only at the time but even more so later on. This can often be the way of Spirit!

At one difficult stage in my life, I was in great need to rest and to heal. I felt as if I was dying. So I asked my inner guide to help me over if it was my time. He then appeared next to me and told me instead that I was to teach others about the Light and Sound.

In that moment a grey cloud lifted from me, and I began to find ways to heal myself by changing my diet several times and using creativity through art, poetry, and by writing. This creative outpouring has helped me to heal on many levels.

Today it is time again for me to give back to the world. I am offering my presentations, spiritual visionary sessions and workshops on the spiritual process that has guided and healed my life by teaching others to facilitate their own spiritual calling and creative development. Everyone is unique, and it’s my privilege to be of service to life in this way.

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Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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