Natural or medical…when healing autoimmune? By Marsha Schults

Have you ever really thought about what ‘alternative medicine’ or ‘alternative therapies’ really means?

Wasn’t the ‘alternative’ here first? Doesn’t that make the prescription drug the ‘alternative’?

Didn’t the ancient Chinese discover healing through the use of herbal tinctures hundreds of thousands of years ago?

What happened?

Why did we change from preventative, immune boosting, natural, herbal and plant based, to synthetic chemicals? It just doesn’t make sense…

Let’s explore what’s changed… Every year, 6000 new chemicals are released into our society. We find it in the air, food, water, vaccines, prescription drugs, cosmetics, cleaning products, pesticides, manufacturing, agriculture and more.

We are consuming more processed food and on top of that, the mineral content is scarce. Did you know that minerals are required for more than 2000 biological processes in the body? My doctor never told me that.  

Most of you know my story… I suffered severe Autoimmune conditions for 7 years including Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Anxiety, severe Food Allergies causing anaphylaxis and more… I was wearing incontinence pads and I was 45.  

Before I knew it, I was on synthetic drugs for sleep, pain & anxiety, steroids, B12 injections, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamine and anti-depressants and my symptoms gradually worsened. I was holding onto walls around the house and my daughter was finishing off my sentences for me.

I was offered medical retirement (disability pension – which I rejected) and sent to a psychiatrist because my doctor didn’t believe that I was as sick as I claimed. Most of my clients have a similar story, because majority of Autoimmune conditions are ‘invisible’.

I spend tens of thousands of dollars on different healing modalities including acupuncture, massage, musculoskeletal therapy, Bowen therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy, osteopathy, kinesiology, EFT, naturopaths and I even tried psychotherapy.

Autoimmune is NOT ‘the body attacking itself’ – which is what most of us are told. This is the moment we give our power away and don’t realise it. The body is designed to heal itself, given the right support. However, in today’s world, that is difficult to navigate if you don’t know what you should and should not take – and how much.

The answers to my prayers came at a health event that I dragged myself to, three days following an all-night-prayer session on the day of my M.S diagnosis. In foetal position on my bed saying, “show me that way, I surrender, I know I can heal, bring me the people, how may I serve” over and over and over.

At that health event I met two ‘natural doctors’ and 4 months later I was 80% healed – naturally. Today 18 months later, I am completely symptom free …and running again.

I’ve helped thousands to overcome their Autoimmune conditions – naturally. If you or someone you know is suffering unnecessarily, I’m offering 90 minute consultations for $97AUD, please get in touch:

Let’s take control of our health together and live the live we deserve!

Marsha Schults

Marsha Schults has a personal story of recovering from M.S and shares her wisdom, tips, products and tools as an autoimmune recovery coach in Brisbane, offering her consults nationally and overseas.

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