We are directly connected with the illumined ones and with the angelic beings.  We can see the entire universe through God’s eyes.  This changes everything.  We are in a gondola sailing into the light. As our gondola sails onward we automatically draw in and expand the Christ Light.  We receive magnificent visions as we glide gently through the bluest water we have ever seen. 

Our mission is the full activation of our inner divinity.

Our mission is to birth a new world out of the chaos of the old.

This contains an image of: Venetian gondola | 3D model

This pilgrimage is renewing us unimaginably, brightening our hope, enfolding us in the sacred energy of the rose, honing our life mission and giving us mysterious joy that depends on the combination of ultimate truth and the mysteries of the universe.

We turn a bend in the river and find before us an island – it appears to glisten with Black Pearls – the pearls glow and call to us and we are drawn into a conversation with their unique vibration.  

We land on Black Pearl Island with Merlin as our guide.  

Darkness has descended on us.  We are having a massive shamanic moment.  

Merlin lights the way by shining light from an illuminated manuscript which has suddenly appeared.

Merlin the Magician

He is holding the Book of Life which contains the encrypted Wisdom Codes.  We follow him without question into the interior of the island.

We notice that the vegetation and the trees and even the grasses are made of black pearls.  A strange humming noise begins and we continue to walk to the centre of the Island.  

The hum is from black crows who fly over us creating this unique sound.  

This contains an image of: Call of the Crow by DeniseSoden on DeviantArt

Black pearls symbolise wisdom. It is natural for pearls of preciousness to hold the vibration of the Wisdom Codes.  

This contains:  Freshwater Pearl Studs - Online MarketSpace

We turn a corner and find ourselves outside a star temple made in the shape of a combination of eight pointed stars dotted with black pearls reaching into the heavens.  

This is the famous Star Temple of Avalon. We enter.  

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We are at the centre point – we have found source.  We stand mesmerised looking up through the open roof to the stars.  We expand our consciousness as we stand bathed in the sacred light from this glorious pathway.

Omega Nebula ~  Sculpted by stellar winds and radiation, the star factory also known as Messier 17 lies some 5,500 light-years away in the nebula-rich constellation Sagittarius.  The sharp, composite, color image shows faint details of the region's gas and dust clouds against a backdrop of central Milky Way stars. (Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Hubble Space Telescope)

We watch a series of star beings descend into the temple.  They are climbing down an extended ladder which reaches up into the sky.

modern retractable stairs telescopic stairs pull down stairs

These are the Rose Seraphim who live in a vibrational sphere of intense magnificence.  There are only seven. They are the highest ranking beings in the rose tradition. They have come to release the Wisdom Codes externally into the world and internally into us.

This contains an image of: Angel Wings Painting 18x24 Acrylic Gold and Silver Metal Leaf | Etsy

We watch as they come into range. The procession continues.

As they arrive they stand in a circle around Merlin who still holds the Book of Life.  They move their wings in perfect unison so that the codes held within the Book are released – the codes float on the wind and enter into our beingness. The keyholes to our inner freedom have been unlocked. Once complete the codes float out into the world – moving, shifting, changing, opening and directing as they come bringing with them new and exciting change and a chance for all of us to begin anew.

And so it is!

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist

crishendo1@bigpond.comTo obtain this journey as an initiation please contact Cris for further information e-mail

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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