We have returned to travel on our rose gondola and Merlin our Ferryman has returned too.  We move seamlessly away from the wharf where we landed just one day ago.  Our chosen route has been the right hand tributary of the river, the path to the new and the different.  We watch the changing scenery with bated breath.  On the shore we see groups of angelic beings who turn to greet us and to wave us on. They throw roses into the water in front of our gondola. They are excited by our presence and seemingly aware of our ultimate destination.

So where will our journey take us today?

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We hear the voices of the angelic observers lifted in song – they are calling to us and singing all in one breath. The effect is mesmerising.

We are wind belongers – and as we progress the Wind Spirits join our pivotal journey along the River of Light. 

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They quietly share their knowledge and wisdom.  They enables us to download our codes of Oneness and Power as we travel.  A pure connection is made with our sacral chakra and the sacred chakra of Mother Earth – a connection that was broken when Atlantis fell.  

As it is renewed the sacral chakra on all who take this journey turns gold like the sun and transmutes gently until it becomes the sun.  

The sun has joined us.  The sun is within us – and without.  The sun shines.  The sun glows.  Our bodies shine.  Our bodies glow.   The more we invoke the sun the clearer our mission on Mother Earth becomes.

We notice that the roof of the tunnel has opened and that the sun is shining on us from above.  The water gleams and glows and generates.

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We have brightened our bodies with hope, we have opened the gates of joy, we have expanded our life mission and we are as one with the sacred sun.  We have opened our personal gates of power.

We embrace our divinity.

Light blazes.

We are the source. 

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist

crishendo1@bigpond.comTo obtain this journey as an initiation please contact Cris for further information e-mail

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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