Our animal friends are more than just pets!

If you’re male and you own an animal friend, you may be interested to know that your chances of attracting the opposite sex are 30 percent higher than a male who doesn’t! And the news gets better. If you’re male and you actually bought your friend from an animal shelter, then you’re practically assured of never having to spend another lonely night in front of the TV comforted only by beer, pizza and of course the fore-mentioned snoring shelter pooch.

These romantic incentives for pet owners were discovered as part of a mini survey that attempted to investigate the ‘pulling power’ of pets. It was good news for pet owners, particularly males. But in reality, surveys about the benefits of pets have been ongoing and these days science is starting to back up what many previously regarded as animal lovers’ hearsay.

A Baker Medical Research Institute study showed that animal owners had cholesterol levels 2% lower than those without pets. Not world shattering, but when you consider that this can lower your chances of having a heart attack by 4%, well worth considering. Animal owners also had lower levels of triglyceride fats in their blood and lower blood pressure.

Some of the other findings in recent surveys in the United States and the UK are also worthy of note, although most won’t come as any huge surprise. People who own dogs tend to exercise more and be more socially interactive. Being a conscientious dog owner means that at the very least you’ll take your dog for a walk once a day and probably twice. Many senior people live alone and their daily dog walks not only get them out of the house, they also increase their opportunities to chat with neighbours and other animal owners.

However many elderly people refrain from taking on a pet because they’re worried about their pets’ care if they get sick and have to go to hospital. RSPCA Qld has introduced a program to assist elderly pet owners and/or those coping with poor health. When hospitalisation is required and there is no one to look after the patient’s pets, RSPCA Qld may be able to help through their Pet Legacy Program.

Through this Program, which has helped hundreds of people across Queensland, elderly folk can enjoy the companionship of animals, in their homes, right until the end. They can have peace of mind knowing that, should an emergency occur, the staff and volunteers from RSPCA Qld will be there to help and to care for their pets.In the event of the owner’s death, RSPCA Qld will ensure that the pets will go on to have the best possible quality of life with very carefully selected guardians. So enjoy time with your animal friends, they are such a gift!

For more information contact RSPCA: www.rspcaqld.org.au


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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