Part 1/12 – The Body Talk Series by Cherie Ashana

3 Techniques to begin to cultivate awareness around your emotional state of being

Our emotions can be extremely complex, throwing us into turmoil one moment and then having us laughing hysterically the next.

But what if you could respond more consciously to your emotions rather than over-reacting? Wouldn’t this be highly beneficial in your life?

These mysterious pathways that run through us, I refer to as states of feeling, responses from both conscious and unconscious sensations, are deep seated messaging systems that have so much to share with us about who we are, why we are the way we are, and how we navigate life. 

What I’m witnessing so much of in this fast-moving, ever-expanding world is more of the opposite. A cutting off from the emotional state, pushing away from the truth of how we are really feeling to then get up and get on with it, almost as if nothing has happened.

I believe this is one of the main reasons why we are becoming increasingly unwell as a human race.

In this ongoing 12-part share that I’m calling “The Body Talk series,” I felt it was high time that we unpack, get a little vulnerable & take at a deep dive into the transpersonal parts of ourselves. 

By looking into the importance of our emotions, feelings and why they have a large impact on our health and wellbeing?

We still have a very long way to go in embracing, let alone embodying, these wonderful and magical parts of ourselves. But all it takes is tiny steps, one foot in front of the other, to embark on a journey as great as this one. 

Let us ease ourselves in gently by beginning with some awareness techniques that will call in deeper understanding into consciousness.

We’ll jump into what different emotions mean for health and wellbeing throughout the series this year. 

But for now, enjoy some simply but highly effective techniques to awaken the senses.

It’s going to be an amazing journey, welcome and here we go.

  1. Notice how you feel and the sensations that arise when you’re around certain people and places. Take note and acknowledge the differences.
  2. When you start to feel a reaction rising within you, Stop, take three deep breaths and be with it. Give it permission to flow through you. Move with it. It can be extremely beneficial in bringing about a state change and increased awareness.
  3. When we are experiencing extreme emotions and certain feelings regularly, take the time out to journal and ask the emotion why it is present and what it is trying to share with you. This is process is fabulous for grounding in and witnessing yourself when experiencing ongoing fear, grief, sadness, resistance and similar vibrational emotions.

I’m looking forward to journeying with you for this body talk series

Much love 

Cherie-Ashana x

Your Cosmic Holistic Herbalist

Cherie Ashana

Cherie Ashana is a qualified, integrated Iridologist, herbalist & much more..

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