Part 2: Awareness of the past in clearing the present (Continued from last month) by Jules Kennedy

To give you a little bit of background, I will share a bit about a regular client of mine and she is quite familiar with the physical body signs now. She does not usually suffer from headaches but has come to understand that when she does have a headache it is very likely linked into a message from spirit. One such headache imparted a message to her that someone that was around her in the workplace was having untoward thoughts about her and once she received this awareness, she did in fact connect the dots and realised that there had been warning signs that she had dismissed until getting the confirmation from spirit. Due to having this knowledge, she was able to distance herself from this individual as well as putting some energetic protection in place and continued to be safe and protected. How awesome is spirit, I just love this stuff.

Doing this work does not drain me at all, as some people think, but actually it’s quite the opposite. When working with the Creator of all that is, the energy flows from the Creator directly to the client, rather than using my own energy and in fact, I also receive that beautiful energy while connected. During this transformational session, I was blown away with all that came through and happened and how relevant everything was, and I was feeling so high (vibrationally speaking). It was a long session, but I remained in high energy and felt admiration for how spirit operates, as I knew I was in the presence of magnificence happening before my eyes.

My client had come to me the day before, for a session in which she wanted to work on her inability to feel the positive feelings and expectations of her future and therefore was struggling to manifest it. This particular session was pretty uneventful even though shifts were made and tools were suggested to aid in continuation of forward momentum. The next day she contacted me, as she was feeling more and more angry and resentful and she just couldn’t shake it. As the conversation progressed it became obvious to me that her reaction was extreme given the circumstances, which is an indicator of something deeper transpiring under the surface. I did my best to help her to shift these emotions, but I knew that I just had to let it run its course and trust in the wisdom of spirit. This is the perfect example of resistance beginning.  Later that evening she came to see me in person as physical symptoms had begun that were a little scary for her. As she knew that this can be an indicator of a release rather than a medical condition, she trusted that a session would resolve the issue. She was so right. The physical symptoms that she was experiencing was a sharp pain in her upper back, followed a second later with a sharp pain in her upper front chest. This would only last a few seconds and then disappear and would repeat every ten minutes or so. Then it began happening closer and closer together and by the time she got to me it was almost constant.

Immediately upon connecting us both to the Creator of all that is, I was shown an image of a past life. In this life my client was a male American Indian who was shot with an arrow from behind which was protruding from his chest. Wow, you can’t make this stuff up. Matches perfectly with the pain she was experiencing. I was straight away covered in goosebumps, which happens when I am receiving confirmation of the information. In that life he was a young brave who was quickly becoming an expert hunter, in fact one of the best in the tribe and was on a path to being honoured, with the privilege of being able to marry the chief’s daughter. It turned out that his brother was not as good as he was at hunting and felt inferior to him, especially in the eyes of their father. Despite being a good person who loved his brother and was indeed proud of him, he succumbed to manipulation of a jealous friend and shot his brother with an arrow from behind. His intention was only to take him down a peg or two and bruise his ego however the arrow had done permanent damage. The young brave was never able to hunt again. This devastated the young brave and he never married and was to spend his days doing menial work around the camp. He was filled with anger and resentment and eventually shut down and became despondent. Remember that these were the emotions that my client had been feeling strongly before the physical symptoms manifested.

The healing that followed was very relevant to her original session where she wanted to be able to manifest a positive life but could not feel the positive emotions. The main things that were worked on and released were beliefs and programs around:

* Staying small is safer than having it all and then losing it

* To achieve success and rise to the top will result in pain, shock, trauma and betrayal

* It will all come crashing down and I will fail

* Utter disbelief – Soul crushing despair and heartache – Ultimate loss

* Dreams are ripped away from me – Numbness – Emptiness

* Loneliness – No chance of happiness – Despondency 

You can see how these beliefs and programs in her subconscious were contributing to her inability to feel positive emotions towards her future, especially because she was wanting to achieve higher success. The subconscious was actually attempting to protect her from feeling the pain from the past. As these lessons had not been learned and overcome in that past life, they were still active in her vibration and came up to be healed as they were holding my client back in this life. Once these programs were released and replaced with new programs and beliefs that served my client better in moving forward in this life, the physical pain subsided completely. She felt peaceful, calm and hopeful when she left. In the following weeks she was easily able to connect to her positive emotions and expectations for the future and begin manifesting. We were both in awe of all that had come through in this session and all that unfolded during the lead up to that big release. It was huge due to the magnitude of the emotions felt in the past life and as you can imagine she felt so light afterwards.

Disclaimer – I am not in any way recommending that medical treatment be dismissed and in fact healing sessions work well in conjunction with medical treatments and advice from medical professionals. When treating any physical conditions or symptoms, we recommend utilising all that you can from many different sources and being as informed as possible to ensure that you can make the best possible choices for your continuing health.

Sending you a big warm hug from my heart to yours.

Love Jules

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Jules Kennedy

Jules is gentle and heart based. She helps people to experience a reawakening to love to transform their lives from emotional struggle and turmoil to flow, peace and abundance. Her unique combination of ancient healing techniques, intuitive/psychic gifts and her ability to invoke spiritual energy, wisdom and love into each session provides an extraordinary healing experience.

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