Part 2: Caress the Cocoon; Don’t Cling to It! By Jasmina Earthangel

As I shared last month, it’s time to step out and fully into the light and shine your brightest!  

This is your Soul’s sacred mission and you have been summoned – whether you like it or not.

It is time to embrace your sacred essence and discover Who You Really Be.

Become the most powerful force you know by using the following strategies to allow yourself to transcend your “covid cocoon”:

Cancel the Cling – get out into the world.

In the aftermath of multiple lock-downs coupled with the massive influx of data and information, it’s natural to want to stay within the comfort and familiarity of your own space.  The problem with this is that if you don’t venture back out again, you are denying the fulfillment of your soul’s desires in being on Earth, now, at this time.  Cancel clinging to your cocoon and go out into the world with courage and curiosity!

Do this by:

•  challenging self-limiting beliefs

Identify any thoughts and beliefs that keep you clinging to your cocoon and challenge them.  Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations and a belief in your ability to adapt, learn and succeed.  Remember your potential can only be realised when you push past you perceived limitations!

• start with small steps

Stepping out into the world doesn’t mean taking giant leaps all at once. Begin with small, manageable steps that gradually expand your comfort zone. It could be trying a new hobby, attending a local event, or reaching out to someone new. Each small step builds confidence and prepares you for more significant opportunities.

• set goals that are intentional, bold and purposeful

Set intentional, bold and purposeful goals that align with not only your passions and aspirations, but also your newfound clarity. Define what you want to achieve and break it down into smaller, actionable steps that lead you closer to your vision. Create a roadmap for your journey and a schedule for which to follow it.  By setting intentional goals you infuse your life with purpose and ensure that you are moving towards your desired destination.

• take inspired action

Step out of your comfort zone and apply what you have learned and discovered within your cocoon. Embrace new opportunities, pursue your passions, and live authentically. Allow your personal transformation to manifest in your thoughts, words, and actions, creating a ripple effect of positive change in your life and the world around you.

•  seek new experiences

Expand your horizons by actively seeking new experiences. Say yes to opportunities that come your way, even if they push you out of your comfort zone. Travel to new places, engage in different activities, or try new cuisines. Each experience broadens your perspective and enriches your understanding of the world.

•  embrace failure as learning

Stepping out into the world involves taking risks, and with risks come the possibility of failure. Embrace failure as an opportunity for learning and growth rather than a setback. View each experience, whether successful or not, as a chance to gain valuable insights and refine your approach.

3.  Claim your Ocean of Possibilities

By embracing the world and expanding your horizons, you open yourself up to a wealth of new opportunities, connections, and personal growth. Remember, in the vast expanse of life, there exists an ocean of possibilities waiting to be explored.  To truly claim this ocean of potential you must step outside your comfort zone and dive fearlessly into the depths of your aspirations.

You can start the process of unlocking this magick by:

• embracing discomfort

Leaving your comfort zone can be uncomfortable, but it is in discomfort that growth happens. Embrace the feeling of unease as a sign that you are expanding and evolving. Challenge yourself to embrace discomfort, knowing that it is a necessary part of personal development.

•  cultivating curiosity

Approach the world with a curious mindset. Ask questions, seek knowledge, and be open to different perspectives. Engage in conversations with people from diverse backgrounds, as their insights can broaden your understanding and challenge your preconceived notions. Curiosity ignites a sense of wonder and encourages continuous growth.

•  unleashing your imagination

Allow yourself to dream big and envision a future filled with limitless potential. Break free from conventional thinking and let your mind wander. Embrace the power of imagination to ignite your creativity and open doors to new possibilities.

• Embrace a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that our abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and effort. Embrace this mindset by recognizing that your potential is not fixed, but rather expandable. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, embrace failure as a stepping stone towards success, and embrace the idea that with perseverance and learning, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

• Embrace Continuous Learning

Learning is the key that unlocks the doors to endless possibilities. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning and growth. Seek out new knowledge, acquire new skills, and expand your understanding of the world. Explore various educational resources, such as books, courses, workshops, and online platforms, to gain insights and broaden your horizons. Embrace learning as a lifelong journey that propels you forward.

• Take Calculated Risks

You must be willing to take calculated risks. Step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. Understand that growth and transformation occur when you push your boundaries and venture into uncharted territories. Assess the risks, weigh the potential rewards, and take strategic leaps of faith that align with your vision.

• Cultivate Resilience and Perseverance

Cultivate resilience and perseverance to navigate the inevitable storms that may arise on this journey of exploration. Embrace setbacks as temporary detours on your path to success. Embrace the belief that with determination and resilience, you can overcome any obstacle and claim the vast potential that awaits you.  As Gabby Bernstein says, “obstacles are detours in the right direction”.

Remember, within you lies the power to claim your ocean of possibilities and create a life that is rich with meaning and purpose.  No matter what the external circumstances of the world you’re swimming in are, your Soul chose YOU and chose NOW for your time on Earth.  It’s time for you to emerge and become the most powerful force you know!

Jasmina Earthangel

Jasmina Earthangel is a Soul Mentor + Consultant | Creatrix | Mama.
An ex-solicitor ‘hippy-at-heart’ mama, Jasmina was born with connection to the other-worlds and a deep desire for equality in the world.

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