Part 2: The Spiritual Navigation Through Adversity by Deb Norman

Many of us experience feelings of confusion or being lost around the time that movement is ready to take place. This is not a time to allow the illusion of hopelessness to creep in, it is a time to push through the program that keeps you stuck in this loop of despair. 

We are created by a thought, a creative consciousness in the field, in the darkness where there is nothing and no one.  

The density of this planet, and the birth itself, can be so traumatic we forget who we are and why we are here. Most souls remember up until around age two when they move from a Delta state into Theta. 

Soul work is so important as it assists us in remembering why we chose to be here. Learning about self also supports the practice of grounding and boundaries. In order to connect to your soul, sit quietly, breathe, ground into mother earth, and connect with Source or the field. We are here to learn about self. There will be many trigger points for each soul to do this however the most common is relationships. 

Have you ever wondered why you pull in your contrast? Why your family are so annoying or workmates irritating? 

These are other expressions of you and have been divinely ordered, and contracted to assist you in your exams. These souls love and know you more than anyone, they are part of your pod. They come in at just the right moment and challenge your growth by showing you what you cannot, or do not want to see. They will mirror you, which is why they bother you so much. 

I am talking about core emotional drivers here, not the actions, behaviours, or chaos they display or cause. 

I will explain.

When you are young, you take in your environment fully, recording, filing, and mimicking everything the adults and other children do. This sets up beliefs of how the world is and how to manage it. The thing is, if our parents were not safe, we will not be safe. 

These unconscious files are set up in the background, sneaking out at night energetically, pulling in their vibrational match and you are none the wiser. What happens next is the cat’s out of the bag, and you have no idea, why would you – this cat does not feel comfortable and belongs locked away right? Wrong, this night walker is all the hidden unhealed baggage from your childhood, your DNA downloads and your life experiences that were not pleasant. What else can the Universe do but bring a mirror in and show you what you are not hearing, in the form of “The Other”.

When we are triggered by others, react poorly, misunderstand, become defensive or my favourite, accuse them of being toxic – think about a time when you were young, when you were left feeling the way this person leaves you feeling. What unresolved past pain are they opening the cupboard door to! 

When we have old programs that require releasing but are buried so deep, we cannot find them, we will pull someone in vibrationally that matches that same pain, who will be left with that same feeling after the altercation between you – to play it out with you. The timing will be perfect as it is always divinely ordered. 

The ability to observe, not react, think, recall, and own these feelings is beneficial in bringing faster results and healing. If we can thank those who trigger us for bringing old unhealed feelings to the surface for release, then we have given all involved a great gift of movement and flow. When we judge the other, we are denying our own shortcomings/shadow – this is projection.

When you are judging and feeling flat, it is not the other person’s responsibility, they did not suck you dry, you cannot take what is not given. It is your judgemental attitude that took more energy than usual. We drain ourselves.

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Deb Norman

Deb Norman is the creator of The Quantum Blueprint.
She offers wisdom in the areas of psychological astrology, psychic/medium- Reiki, Secheim, Theta healings, Energy body healings, strategic intervention life coaching and metaphysics.

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