Part 3, Cosmic Currency: Protecting Your Wealth by Abbey Rose

In our co-creation with the universe and tapping into our Cosmic Currency, we now need to protect the wealth that we have created and managed.

This wealth is an extension of ourselves. This wealth is the fruit of our love and desire to help others. This wealth is the tangible result of the faith we’ve put in ourselves and our abilities to grow and maintain a safe space for money to ebb and flow out of.

It’s so important to protect our wealth because, even though we have learnt how to create and manage it, there are still limitations we have placed on ourselves that stops us from effortlessly reaching the next level.

And the universe always wants us to grow, so any limitations that are there are placed there by us.

We need to ask ourselves, where are we self-imposing limitations, where are we letting other people siphon our energy or allowing them to enforce a power over us and make us do certain things that might not feel in alignment.

Protection through Cosmic Currency means to take back your power. It’s time to stop giving outside sources access to your inner workings and learn how to manage your own wealth and finances.

It’s actually much easier than we’ve been led to believe, but it suits those in power for you to think you need a third party, as it gives them another way to keep you in fear.

When you take back your power and protect your wealth through your knowledge, anything trying to keep you out of alignment becomes irrelevant. So irrelevant you won’t even think of it anymore.

Protecting your wealth will become so second nature to you that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t started doing it sooner.

The hardest part of protecting yourself is taking that first step into trusting that you are able to successfully take full responsibility for your finances, and know that, because you have created this wealth by yourself and are managing this wealth by yourself, you also have the power to protect this wealth by yourself.

No outside parties needed.

This is the ultimate Cosmic Currency.

Knowing that you are in control, that you are powerful, and that you can create and grow as much or as little as you desire, and that you’re fully supported while you’re doing it.

For more information visit: and to be on the waiting list for Abbey’s new oracle deck due for launch early in 2023 please go to:

Abbey Rose

Abbey Rose, The Spiritual Accountant, is here to help you create, manage and protect your wealth. With over 15 years in the finance sector, Abbey brings cutting edge business and financial wisdom that mixes the worlds of strategy and intuition helping you create financial sovereignty.

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