Passionate Pet Lovers Go Global!

Passionate Pet Lovers Go Global!

Sunshine Coast couple, David and Julie Coleman are the proud owners of a flourishing pet treat manufacturing company.  What started with a love of dogs and wanting to make a difference in the community, has turned into an exciting adventure that has led to them selling their products all over the world.

David and Julie kind of fell into this business starting it from scratch, having no idea where it would lead them but so far the ride has been fun but not without its ups and downs along the way. “We are true manufactures, we love to be creative but we stay within the boundaries that we have set; that is, every product we produce must be 100% Natural,” says Julie.

Natural Pet Treats Australia manufacturers of the Loyalty Pet Treats brand offer the discriminating pet owners the best of the best in pet treats for their dogs and cats.

“There is a lot of dishonesty in this industry and we are trying to raise the bar on this. The biggest battle in the pet treat industry is dealing with cheap; inferior and imported products. Poor labelling creates an unfair playing field. We list exactly what is in each product, without hiding ingredients. Our guarantee is that we are an 100% Australian manufacturer & everything we sell is made by us. A claim not many manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers can make,” says David.

Unlike many pet treats which cook the nutritional value out their foods, Natural Pet Treats Australia uses an exclusive refrigeration process. They take the highest quality raw product and process it through a low temperature refrigeration dehydration procedure that does not denature the natural raw product whilst drying, and keeping all the taste and aroma that protein loving cats and dogs crave.

This process virtually leaves all the natural aroma, Omega 3 fatty acids, enzymes and nutritional value of the original fresh products to promote pet health. The result is a tasty, virtually fat-free, highly nutritious pet treat. There are no artificial colourings, additives or preservatives used, ever.

They say, “For the fussy pets, we are the answer, we have heard so many times how pet owners, dogs or cats won’t eat treats and how fussy they are, but we have owners who now have been converted.”

They were the first pet treat manufacturing company to dry the original tuna & whole green Lipped mussels; they have always tried to be innovative and will continue to be innovative and natural. “We will in the very near future be releasing a first of its kind 100% natural probiotic pet treat, so keep an eye on our online store for the release of this product in a few months.”

You can buy these products exclusively from David and Julie from their online store or meet the friendly couple at:

3/20 Enterprise St, Caloundra  Ph: 54 99 7211

Online store



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