Our heart is the first organ to develop in utero. Beliefs, paradigms, and feelings are also downloaded from mother to child prior to birth. This information contains all of these aspects passed down from the mother’s lineage, back generations.

Planetary codes are then downloaded with neutral frequencies of information at our moment of birth and our first breath. This knowledge creates files for future access. We are perfect expressions of source until we take in all the dysfunction of our environment, mix it with the current data, get emotionally involved, take a snapshot, create memories, and store programs based on those memories and the body’s reaction to them.

What creates an empath and narcissist and why do they attract? The emotional core driver here is “LACK”. These beautiful souls are born psychic sensitive, they are fun loving, free children that have contracted to learn about self and how they affect others. They will choose a family dynamic that enhances negative feelings where at least one of the parents is a narcissist and/or empath.

Sensitive souls who are incredibly open to their environment feel everything from everyone. They have no boundaries. Their efforts to get the adults to pay attention, give praise and recognition, is thwarted because the parents themselves have not healed their childhood wounds, and are incapable of meeting the needs of the child.

If you are more inclined to play the victim role, merge, please, and beat up on yourself, then you may find you develop empath qualities as a result of not knowing how to get your needs met. If you are more inclined to get angry and copy the selfish parent by taking and demanding then you will be more likely to develop narcissistic tendencies. The common denominator for empaths and narcissists, is LACK. These traits are created in the home environment; you are not born this way. However, you can have a genetic predisposition to one over the other, dictated by the downloads taken on in utero, and all you need is the trigger.

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Deb Norman

Deb Norman is the creator of The Quantum Blueprint.
She offers wisdom in the areas of psychological astrology, psychic/medium- Reiki, Secheim, Theta healings, Energy body healings, strategic intervention life coaching and metaphysics.

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