Planting the seeds for a great life by Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education

Many years ago when my 23-year-old son was food shopping with me he said, “Vegetables grow in the supermarket.” That blew me away and got me thinking that unless we show children nature and how things work, they will assume things like this.

The next day it was a trip to the nursery to buy vegetable seedlings to plant. The whole process of growing your own food fascinated my son and the best part was that he loved sneaking in to the garden to eat the fresh snow peas from the vine. Funny thing was, if I gave him snow peas on his plate he would not eat them but from our vine they were ‘yummy and real’.

I share these insights, as working with so many of the Millennium Children® this awareness is more predominant now. But some children don’t have any awareness about food and where it comes from. And many have processed, take away food. However, when I show children our garden or take children through the bush on one of my workshops to explain the healing properties of flowers and trees, their gorgeous minds light up and they get so inspired. We make a plan of what they can grow and why and what it would do to make their mind, body and spirit feel all ‘yummy’. The sheer delight on their faces (even the ones that do not like outside play and prefer computers, what I call STAR Children), suddenly light up and express that they want to have their own food from their garden to their plate.

Children ‘feed’ off the parent or carer and if you are excited and see the value in something, so will they. In this case if you get excited about having a delicious edible garden, can you imagine what they will feel like? The Millennium Children® have a gift of sensitivity and intolerances and they require pure food and environments such as gardens and parks to play in. It is all about ‘back to basics’ to empower these divine souls. And that includes teenagers too, not just young ones. By creating an edible garden, you are creating a magical educational school which includes so many life skills and will empower them to blossom; to know that they can be, do and have their heart’s desires.

Children are empowered when we come back to basics and are allowed to use their imagination, experiment and even play in the dirt. The school of life is about having fun! How fun will it be when you eat your own produce from your own garden? And how healthy will you and your child/ren be?

For Medical Intuitive and Millennium Children courses or to learn about empowering your child contact Jean Sheehan.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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