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This week I was asked a question by Veronica, one of our beautiful members in The Quantum Blueprint,“what happens when we die, where do we go and for how long. Do we wait here for others in our family so we can recontract with them again?”

Answer: When our soul contracts have reached their maximum expansion, meaning they have evolved as much as that “particular” experience can, the soul which is an expression of Source consciousness will take its focus off the physical (body dies) and retract itself back into the collective and its original state of being.  Each soul is a thought or expression of the one Source. Being a part of everything energetically is our natural state.

Open your imagination and visual skills for a moment. Picture the Universe and all its vastness out there, dark, endless yet pulsating with a frequency that gives and feeds life, itself. This is Source collective consciousness, and you are a part of this consciousness.

See each spark propelling itself forward and infusing a part of its vibration into a body, this is how you instruct your body and create from your thoughts/dreams/desires for a physical experience.

These experiences are something that cannot be measured, felt, seen, or heard without the body. This is Source looking to answer its own questions of “what am I” and how can I expand on that.

You are not “really here”, not in the way you have been conditioned to believe. You have an avatar, a way to get around. You are a projection and you never leave the collective. Connecting with a body enables you to feel, smell, touch, and speak. Part of your Spirit or Source consciousness is infused into this avatar just prior to birth. You are an invisible field of consciousness merged with a body, You, are the field and way too large to fit fully into this holographic being, therefore your body is in you

You are here to experience, express and expand. This information is fed back to the collective to infuse new waves with updated information on expansion.

This is the part that confuses so many. How can we be holographic if we can see and feel each other? Think of a hurricane, it is an energetic force to be reckoned with. It is actually “invisible” to the naked eye. The only reason you can see this immovable force is due to the speed it vibrates which picks up dirt, light, and particles. It is energy only, and if you ran into this force it would crush you. It is the speed and sound we vibrate at that create this force; we are the same force. Our vibration gives the appearance of solid matter.

Think of us as the player, the Earth the video game or setting, our consciousness-the controller. We are part of the game yet still merged with the collective, the separation through the birth experience we connect to is the illusion that leaves us believing we have left the Universal mother and fully injected ourselves into a body on a hostile environment. This is what causes fear, we never left, we are a projection

The identities of our loved ones are all around us in the form of energy and frequency. They are not stuck here, as in trapped or hanging around worried or scared in the form of a ghost. This belief is an incorrect human construct. (we call these passed down beliefs, paradigms). It is thought forms that are being seen, the residual energy left behind that is no longer needed.

The connection you have to your soul family is the reason you feel and dream about them and any loved ones who have withdrawn from the game, are part of the collective, part of everything, but no longer an identity as they were, in the body. When we are in dream state it is easier for spirit to interact with us as we are not in the way with our thinking.  When our time here is complete, the identity is left behind as it is no longer needed, and our consciousness with all its experiences is sent back to Source immediately. Our identity can be reactivated at any time to relay messages of love, support, or wisdom.

We are all connected as we are all the same Source, one thought that splits into many thoughts to create physical experience in as many forms as it can dream up, so it can learn more at a greater rate.

What you do, think, and feel affects the collective therefore affects self, we are not separate. When communicating with Source collective, those who have come through as the messengers are able to tap into the collective and merge with a frequency that was once your loved one. This is done through mediums or channels. As we are all the same, we all “have the ability” to tap in for ourselves once the study is done, learning is integrated and understanding met of how and why you disconnected from your Source in the first place.

Each space between time for a new experience with chosen thoughts or consciousness is individual. There is no time in the field. Feel at peace that you and your loved ones have never left the field, merely changed form. You are not alone, they are all around and a part of everything you interact with including self.

There is no waiting, or being lost, that is a disconnection to self and Source, and it is temporary and human in delivery.

You choose what, when and how in any experience as you are a thought of the one Universal mind and creative consciousness looking to express its thoughts into experience.

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Deb Norman

Deb Norman is the creator of The Quantum Blueprint.
She offers wisdom in the areas of psychological astrology, psychic/medium- Reiki, Secheim, Theta healings, Energy body healings, strategic intervention life coaching and metaphysics.

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