REACH A GLOBAL AUDIENCE by Melissa Groom – The Visibility Mentor

The online space is booming. There has been a huge increase in consumer content across all platforms since Co-vid 19 started. If you’re not using video to market yourself you’re giving away tens of thousands of dollars to your competitors who are capturing your potential customers.

10. Tips to get confident on Video

    1. Look your best. Be well groomed. Wear colours that suit you. Avoid wearing black or white. Colour emits energy. Block colours work best. Don’t wear clinky jewellery or shimmery jewellery. If you put on too many accessories it will distract the viewer from your message. If you don’t wear makeup at least put on some coloured lipstick and bronzer. I highly recommend NAS cosmetic natural products.
    2. Use a lapel microphone. This will ensure your audio is quality. I use the Boya lapel microphone. You can purchase it from
    3. Use the natural lighting near an open window. Don’t have the light coming in behind you, as it will be too dark. If you are filming outside the best time to film is in the golden hour which is one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunrise. Filming on an overcast day will be perfect lighting too. Or use an led light or ring light.
    4. A logitech webcam 922 will dramatically improve the quality of your videos if you are using the computer. If you are using your phone, use the back camera as the quality is 10 x better. (So opposite you selfie-mode) Unless you have iPhone 11 which has the same quality for the back and front. It also films in 4K which is cinematic quality. Position yourself in the middle of the frame. Film from waist up if you can, although it’s a bit tricky if you are doing a video without a tripod when you are out and about.
    5. Over 80% of communication is body language – so film from the waist up. It’s okay to use your hands but don’t put them in front of your face or right in front of the camera.
    6. Record videos on your phone on landscape if you wish to repurpose these videos for your youtube channel, website, Linkedin. If you are doing a fb live or a fb live interview have your phone on landscape if you want to upload to these platforms.
    7. Film videos on your phone or computer and send a video message to your kids/partner friend and just say Hi, thinking of you.
    8. Create a Video Test facebook group to practice doing a fb live and getting familiar with all the buttons on your phone, the filters. Also go live using your computer to get familiar with all the buttons, settings etc.
    9. Practice, practice, practice. Join the next 30 day video challenge and get practice to articulate your message, get support, encouragement and feedback on your videos, learn the technology to edit, and network with entrepreneurs all over the world and get confident on camera.
    10. Believe in yourself, your message, your story. By sharing it you can impact so many people in a positive way.
So just get out there and be of service and share your knowledge and expertise. The world needs you!

Don’t waste another minute and give away your potential business.


If you have an important message you want to share with the world and you are ready to step up, show up and speak up but need help with your video marketing I invite you to book a free chat with me –

Shine your soul bright, the world needs you.

X Mel

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Melissa Groom

Melissa Groom, The Visibility Mentor assists business owners to be more visible and confident on video and she offers her signature 30 Day Visibility Challenge, supporting people every step of the way.

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