Release the Past, Stop Worrying about the Future and Joyfully Embrace the Present!

FasterEFT is a tapping therapy that takes the old unsupportive emotions, deconstructs them and
rebuilds them with new positive support enabling us to make healthier choices and decisions.

Combining ancient Chinese Acupressure, Modern Psychology and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),
FasterEFT releases physical and emotional pain and helps change or break habits.

Debra Redman, Jackie Durnin and Kim Jewell all have both national and international experience, working with a range of issues including: depression, anxiety, grief, addictions, phobias and fears. For many years they have been selected to work in the world’s leading Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in Hawaii where they assisted clients by desensitising them from their drug of choice as well as releasing any depression, anxiety or emotional trauma that was affecting their daily lives.

Tapping is becoming more popular and mainstream with celebrities such as Lily Allen, Paul McKenna and Michael Ball using it to assist them in their lives. The beauty of a tapping session is that you can do a session either face-toface, over the phone or via Skype. You don’t have to be in the same room as the practitioner to experience a huge shift in the way you feel.

Ever noticed when you are about to start something new how your mind automatically pulls up past references to determine what may or may not happen in the future? The emotional brain acts as the “filing cabinet” of our life, recording the emotional response at the time in order to respond to any event in the present, based on those previous perceptions. When the sights, sounds, feelings, smells or perceptions in the present match a past event the brain sets off the fight/flight/freeze response.

Anxiety is a great example; a client came in suffering with chronic anxiety. She was so anxious that she needed someone to drive her to the appointment. The thought of leaving her house and going to social events was excruciating for her. She was afraid of everything and everyone. When someone would speak to her she would freeze and be unable to respond, feeling like she was in grave danger. At 22 she felt she was unable to work anymore. As a child she had been bullied in school and teased on the bus on the way home. After three sessions she was back at work and happy to meet people socially.

The mind was using the old emotional supports to predict what might happen when she would go out. Once those supports had been deconstructed and new empowering supports put in place, she was free to live more fully in the present and create a future that she had only dreamed of.

FasterEFT is a mind process. Latest neuroscience research has found that we operate from our subconscious programs 95% of the time, as described by Dr Bruce Lipton. With FasterEFT we work directly with the subconscious mind and the subconscious programming. One of the reasons FasterEFT is so successful is that the new behaviours become part of the automatic subconscious programming.

One client presented with chronic fibromyalgia that had grown worse over a period of 19 years to the point she was only able to undertake very gentle exercise and even the gentlest touch caused her pain. The cause was linked to a traumatic epidural procedure at her son’s birth 19 years previously and the unresolved emotions around that event. After one session and some homework self-tapping when I saw her a month later she was back at yoga, walking on the beach and enjoying physical touch without experiencing excruciating pain. A true miracle for her!

FasterEFT has also been used very successfully with depression with a range of age groups. In Australia, it is the second leading cause of death and disability behind heart disease. For one client suffering from depression, even booking and getting to the appointment was overwhelming and seemed pointless as nothing had worked previously. In session, the client felt a 10 out of 10 depression level and was unable to stop crying. They expressed how they had difficulty getting up in the morning, eating and showering regularly or being in a relationship.

During the session the client was able to release the emotional supports holding the depression in place and by the end of the session, the client was unable to feel any depression. Every client who experiences a FasterEFT session leaves with a tool to assist them in their daily lives. Make a change today and start living and enjoying the present moment by clearing the past and manifesting a great future for you and your family.





Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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