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About three years ago, just before C#### hit, I had a huge physical meltdown.

After three years of constant international travel (from Australia to Europe is about 20 hour’s air time) where the longest I’d been home was 3 weeks, I was up a couple of dress sizes, had frequent UTI’s and was so tired!

I felt overweight, old, and I have to admit, a bit out of control.

Hardly ‘Youthful You Guru’ material.

I also turned 60 !!!!!!

Worst of all, my hair wouldn’t curl anymore! And it’s kind of my trademark!

I blamed my new hairdresser, who gently pointed out – “the health of your hair is the problem here.”

OH NO! Not my hair! I really knew something was up then!

I had been working (and I have to admit, playing) so hard to build my business that it had all caught up with me. I wasn’t actually being kind to myself.

Not being able to travel was a huge blessing. I was able to convert my whole business to online with great success. All those seeds I’d been sowing across the world, burst forth.

I had time to walk on the beach, meditate and devote myself to healing.

I knew something else was possible for my rapidly ageing and ‘olding’ body!

I’m so grateful for that big wake-up call.

Out of it came the Youthful you 21 Days of activations. I decided to run an energetic process every day to ‘Youthen’ myself. I invited a group of people to join me for 15 minutes a day and away we went.

That was revolutionary!

Out of this came awarenesses of what I could do to change and to assist my body.  And it was so easy!!!  I had no feeling of deprivation, or resistance or struggle with any of the choices.

Change happened fast. I dropped a dress size very fast. I felt more energised and less anxious.

Oddly enough, my money flows and enjoyment of life improved too!
The other people on the 21 days changed too. It was different for everyone.

So then I created an ongoing group for us – the Luscious Living Adventure. And as we went along, more energies and activations showed up.

Join me for my next classes, and free Zooms at:

Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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