Rising From Darkness by Shveta

It was her fourth session with me, and my heart expanded looking at her growth.

Seeing my clients grow and feel empowered is the most satiating herb for me. When I see them taking the reins of their lives and keen to work deeper every day, my heart fills with joy and love.

Today, one of the beautiful clients I started working with last month, showed a sign that she owns the responsibility of her own life. She realised how she had been playing a victim role in her suffering. 

There were so many ‘AHA’ moments while regressing past lives, inner child healing, and deep activation. We cleared her energy blocks and deep-seated trauma of past lives that have repeated almost like a spiral in her current life. 

Over the past couple of sessions, we had deconstructed her older programming at the cellular level, templates, shackles, and the dysfunctional armour. We cleansed the blocks around the wounds she had been carrying all along. It helped her clear the stagnant energy. The stagnant energy that had caused enough havoc in form of ailments, toxic relationships, and exhaustion. She was exhausted by continuing to put herself on a pedestal. She was barely alive when she came to me last month. Her life had turned upside down and she had no clue why.  

Does that sound familiar?

In the unconscious pattern of putting ourselves out of the priority list and then feeling normal about it, society has normalised loving others and sacrificing your needs is the way to live. Everyone around seems to do that and if you don’t, it feels out of line. And who wants to be an outcast for raising concerns on a normalised pattern? Trust me, I had some and experienced that many times. And most of my clients who come with burnout and exhaustion complain about the same.

It’s the patriarchal society and the beanstalk we grew on, that has created suppression mode unconsciously in our mindset. And most of us aren’t ready to accept. Suppression seems too much and lame. We don’t want to admit that there are parts that are buried in fear of being abused, told off, yelled at, and mocked at.

We continue to run away or fight back these feelings until we are at rock bottom. And it is at the rock bottom moments when your heart cracks open so light seeps within.

With each session, we removed bandages that she taped on her wounding’s to keep her going. It resulted in deep-seated trauma oozing out like infected blood. A lot of tears have been shed until now and we continue to go deeper to heal the layers that kept her true self in a shell. 

Today, she could see her soul through the veils and clutter: “I can see how I am the goddess and empress of my life.”

While we both are working on other wounds so she can live to her truest potential, I am pleased with her realisation and the expansive growth until now.

My mission is to empower women by removing the energy blocks, the trauma of past experiences/past lives, and ancestral lineage so that they step into their true power and live life to their truest potential.

If you are wanting to know more, book a 1:1 session with me to uncover what is buried deep within. You will be surprised how much we can cover in a 90 mins powerful session.

Here is the link if you are willing to look at the deeper buried parts of yours that are causing you to feel disconnected, lost, or powerless.




Shveta is a software engineer turned intuitive therapist, an inspired writer/speaker and creator of Untethered Goddess. Her programs and sessions help women to unleash their inner goddess, leading them to live with authenticity and exuberance.

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