Rose Reiki by Dr Cris Henderson

Merlin the magician is the patron of Rose Reiki. He was in Atlantis with members of the mystery school of the Brotherhood of the Rose. Merlin taught the Brotherhood this Reiki magic.

In my journey through the Rose Manuscripts, I worked with the energy of the Divine Masculine. Its contemplation led me to a revival of the art of Rose Reiki.

We acknowledge the role of the Divine Masculine as it opens us to infinite possibilities. We embody joyful mysticism. 

Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

Merlin introduced the brothers to the Green Man. The Green Man is an archetype signifying irrepressible life. Post Atlantis the Green Man went into hiding, whilst images of him embodied in architecture throughout Britain remained the major clue. In my journey through the contents of the Rose Manuscripts, the Green Man alerted me to the energy of the Divine Masculine and subsequently he took me on a journey following these images. 

This led to a revival of the healing energies of Rose Reiki.

There is advanced mysticism in Rose Reiki because it embodies the legends of the Brotherhood. The mysticism emerges unwaveringly through our hearts. Our hearts are the centres of our universe. They do not just pump blood; they provide us with a gateway to pure possibility. The question is – what will we find in our hearts when we regenerate the masculine energy that has been repressed for centuries?

Now it is certainly time for the healing journey into the Divine Masculine.

The Brotherhood of the Rose used ‘Rose’ Reiki as their communication. It is the secret language of the god.   

The symbols and their living energy fields generate healing across time – they whiz and crackle in exciting forms. Rose Reiki awakens the masculine within and helps to achieve balance with the feminine. This creates a universe of more space where everything in life enhances progress and nothing is wrong any more.

I invite you to travel with me on the Rose Reiki journey to transformation. We are more powerful than we believe, and Rose Reiki is the missing link to bring understanding of who we really are. 

Won’t you come with me to find the Divine Masculine within you?

You will never forget this Rose Reiki journey of a lifetime.

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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