Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training By Natalie McIvor

Everything, from preparing and brewing your cacao until it reaches your lips is a ritual within itself.  A ritual of presence, purpose, pleasure and spiritual practice.

My name is Natalie McIvor and I have been a healer, teacher, facilitator and lightworker for over 25 years and have personally worked with numerous modalities and tools to support my own healing journey.  Working with CACAO has created more ease, growth, healing and empowerment than anything else.

Whether you are on your own personal spiritual journey or have created a thriving and inspirational healing practice, working with this plant medicine will only enhance, transform and create abundance for you, your life and your tribe.

Don’t be confused with the good ol’ processed chocolate we crave, resist and enjoy though. 

Ceremonial Grade Cacao is chock full of antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and vitamins, with minimal processing and most often, is picked, ground, roasted and hand crafted, using sacred ancient rituals that respect and honour this ancient plant medicine and the ancestors who came before us.

Cacao has been used throughout the centuries as a tool to connect with reverence in ceremony to the Gods/Goddesses, to ask for blessings, direction, protection and guidance and was used by the most highest of shamans and healers in ceremonies that honoured life, death and marriage.

In modern times, we have been blessed to work with and introduce this powerful healing plant into our lives and businesses and to connect with our own spiritual guides, ancestors and the cacao lineage in the process.

Many of us have been called to work with Ceremonial Cacao, and if you have felt that call, then I invite you to explore your relationship further by joining my Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Tribe. 

To date, I have trained nearly 100 lightworkers in this modality and it’s now accredited in 40 countries and is available ONLINE, creating connections all over the world. Over time, I have witnessed these facilitators not only transform personally, but I have also observed the massive impact they have made in their community with this training.

My tribe of trained facilitators includes- doctors, nurses, teachers, coaches, athletes, counsellors, entrepreneurs, business gurus, yoga and dance instructors, psychologists, parents and teachers. 

People like you, who are guided to build a deeper connection with self and soul and to lead others through their own spiritual and healing journey.

In a cacao ceremony, we connect with our hearts, our souls and our desires. We invite past trauma and emotional wounds from all lifetimes to release and heal gently.

Cacao, quite simply, opens the heart to creating a deeper sense of self love and purpose, and supports our healing and spiritual growth.  The ripple effect of this within our world is immeasurable.

In my Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training you will gain the skills and tools to build a thriving business, engage with more clients, increase your income and make a bigger impact on the world around you.

Modules include;

7 training modules with video and written content

2 online Cacao ceremonies

Energy, sound and vibrational tools

Breathwork and hands on healing styles

Multiple ceremony styles

Private Facebook group for mentoring and support

Facilitator manual

Facilitator Certificate

Everything you need to host your FIRST Sacred Cacao Ceremony right away for only $397 AUD.

If you are ready to be a leader in your community, leave a massive imprint on this planet and work with these life changing tools to make a greater difference in our world, then this training is for you.

What are you waiting for??

Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator ONLINE Training launches 1/5/22 – please join us.

Jump online now and register here

( if you live in Australia you might like to attend a face to face training check this link for dates)

For more information visit:

Ph: 0402462804


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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