Shauna Teaken – The Happy Mouth Girl: On Living a Joyful Life By Nicole Taryn Photo Karen Cougan

Imagine what it would be like if your body had the capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate. What does it take to maintain a healthy and youthful body? What if your body was your greatest facilitator for change?
These are among the many contemplations that Shauna Teaken has had for over 40 years. A self-confessed hedonist and a seeker of what makes life and living joyful, Shauna has always had a desire to understand the inner workings of the body and a willingness to believe in greater possibilities for life. She began a quest at a young age to discover ways for rejuvenation and regeneration to maintain health, youthfulness and vitality, and her journey has taken her on some exciting adventures around the globe in consciousness and creation.
Over several decades, Shauna explored and became a facilitator in many different modalities to satisfy her curiosity to discover the hidden capacities of our bodies. She was one of the first Australians trained in deep tissue muscle therapy and after training as a Reiki Master and Theta Healer, later went on to become an Access Consciousness Body Class Facilitator, where she quickly discovered that pleasure and joy are the key factors in the health and healing of the body. Over time, Shauna developed tele calls and classes around the pleasures of having a body; emphasising that, as individuals, our mission is to find out what is truly joyful for us, and to follow that joy to create the life we truly desire. Shauna describes the integration of the earth, the body and the being, as a powerful contributor to the flow of life force energy.
Several years ago, after some ongoing challenges with her dental health, Shauna was given the details of a dentist named Dr Tom Kolso in the United States, who had developed a generative energetic dentistry modality called Happy Mouth™. An innovative and energetic approach to dental health, Happy Mouth involves the activation of dormant body energy systems that facilitate the body’s capacity to rejuvenate. These body systems include systems for the health of the whole mouth, regenerating and strengthening bone, grinding and jaw pain, and gum recession.
Dr Tom has been practising dentistry in the United States for more than 20 years and for the past 18 years, he has used the tools of Access Consciousness to complement his practice. Although modern dentistry has come a long way, Dr Tom was aware that it is still very much about removing teeth and bone, and filling gaps. With a belief in the body’s capacity to restore and balance itself, Dr Tom was convinced that there was something greater available. Generative Energetic Dentistry walks us through many of the infinite possibilities of being conscious with our dental health and was developed through Dr Tom’s willingness to constantly be in the question and to stay curious about possibilities. After sessions of Happy Mouth, Shauna was overwhelmed by the dynamic changes she experienced with her own dental health and, seeing the potential for creating change in the body, she eagerly became the world wide coordinator for Happy Mouth.
“Happy Mouth is about so much more than having a Hollywood smile,” says Shauna, who’s enthusiasm for our body’s capacity to heal and regenerate is inspiring. Shauna says to appreciate the extent to which Happy Mouth can create change and contribute to us, we need to consider what the mouth represents. The mouth is the entry point for nutrition and without the ability to chew and digest our food, we cannot survive and sustain life. Add to that the role that the mouth plays in communication, pleasure, and procreation and we can begin to build a picture of just how much value the mouth has in not only sustaining life, but also contributing to a happy, joyful existence.
Shauna explains how a happy and healthy mouth is the key to longevity, with many diseases being traced back to the mouth. Bacteria from decay, tension from grinding and clenching or inefficient digestion of food from poor saliva and pH in the mouth can all have significant effects on our health. We know from the work of Dr Masaru Emoto that human consciousness has a significant effect on the molecular structure of water. It is easy then, to link human consciousness and the words we speak with our periodontal health. Words pertaining to love, hate, judgment, encouragement all flow from our mouth, and limiting points of view and judgment can show up as decay, gum disease, and acidity in the mouth, positioning the mouth as an essential player in the health and vitality of the whole body.
“Gums are a lot about choices,” explains Shauna, who says that our need to always get things right can have an impact on our gum health. “Always needing to be right limits our choices, because we maintain rigidity and a fixed point of view. When we let go of our need to be right, the rigidity in our body eases and our gums can return to a healthy state.” Shauna goes on to explain that tooth decay can represent our unwillingness to change, and when we become stagnant in life, decay shows up in our mouth. Grinding and clenching our teeth represent fear, anger, fury and rage, which are all distractor implants that affect how we eat, speak, make love and communicate with others.
Shauna says Happy Mouth does not replace conventional dentistry. We still need to take care of our dental health and hygiene. However, used in conjunction with conventional dental care, Happy Mouth can contribute to our health, our life and our wellbeing in ways we may never have imagined. All that is required is the belief in the possibilities and the willingness to perceive something greater. In her classes and tele calls Shauna asks questions such as, “are you willing to look at what’s going on in your life?”. “And, are you willing to change it?”
There is a determination and persistence about Shauna’s belief in greater possibilities that captivates her audiences and gently nudges those who are willing to choose more in life towards a new reality, where bodies are viewed as our greatest facilitators. Whether it be through ill health, obesity, injury or pain, the body can lead us to what we are looking for as long as we love and listen to what it is trying to tell us. Shauna says that her lifelong search for greater possibilities for rejuvenation and regeneration of bodies led her to meeting Dr Tom and discovering Happy Mouth, proving that if you keep asking questions and stay curious, you will eventually come upon the very thing you’re seeking.

The Happy Mouth™ system is available in a three-day live or live-streamed class with Dr Tom Kolso or as a half-day training with Shauna. More information can be found at


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