Simple Beauty by Nicki McCosker-Dell

Life provides us with so much beauty, that we modern humans often race past in the busyness of the complex world we have created. In becoming embedded in the many unnatural systems we have established, we can get tricked into thinking we must make certain sacrifices, just to get by in life. We get locked into certain ways of being and can’t move beyond them, because we can’t see the prison many of us have unknowingly and unintentionally built for ourselves. And yet our higher guidance recognises the stress of this unnecessary imprisonment.

I spent many years seeking out work that fed my spirit and was meaningful to me.  It was a hard slog and at times confusing and exhausting. Eventually, awareness finally dawned in me that I was trying to build a business based on old limitations that were hardwired into my psyche. I deeply believed that I had to accept a certain amount of suffering. I thought I was following my heart, but I was only doing so in a very limited and constricted way that was ruled by social norms and expectations. I was ultimately terrified of speaking and living my truth, because past experiences had conditioned me to believe that my truth had no place.  

I then slowly began creating a system that enabled me to follow and honour my own natural way of being, where suffering was no longer an unwanted but inevitable companion. It was and still is at times a rocky path of uncertainty, but I feel invigorated by the freedom of only following my inner wisdom.  

This system just so happens to enable others to connect to their higher guidance and inner wisdom. It can help you to let go of old limitations, and therefore step into a life that is organically the best fit for you. You can learn exactly how to do this, in The Inner Wisdom Book: Embrace Your Dreams & Transform Your Challenges. It will support you in simplifying your life and removing many of the things that aren’t essential or beautiful. Your truth and therefore your unique gifts have the most important place in this world. They are your destiny and can only lead you to more experiences of simple beauty.  

Nicki McCosker Dell

Nicki is a mentor and counsellor, and the founder of The Inspiration Couch. Nicki has pioneered a modality called, ‘The Inner Wisdom Method’ – which is a fusion of different elements of kinesiology, counselling and psychology. Nicki loves supporting her clients to discover, embrace and follow their own wisdom.

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