Simple, Joyful Festive Celebrations! By Lisa Wiedrich

Lisa_Portrait-1It’s that time of year again. The so-called ‘silly season’ is upon us. Not only do we race around trying to complete every task on our ‘to do’ list from the office through to the house, and race around buying presents, we also seem compelled to catch up with every person we’ve ever crossed paths with for a Christmas drink catch up. Are we thinking the world will end on the 31st of December and we need to have everything in order? We put so much pressure on ourselves. Body, mind and soul.

Two years ago, I escaped it all and took my children overseas to Laos & Thailand from the 1st of December until the 4th of January.

Christmas just happened to be in Pakse, Laos. Modest presents were purchased from local markets and we splurged on an indulgent meal at a fabulous French restaurant for our Christmas Eve dinner (I’m European, so this is my main event). Our Christmas day brunch was spent at a fabulous local French Patisserie, delighting in the delectable Pain au Chocolat (chocolate croissants).

Most importantly though, it was completely stress free.  For the first time in my life, I got to really appreciate the simple joys of this time of year. I stopped. I enjoyed my time with my children. I learnt that it’s not about racing around, feeling exhausted and stressed. It was about taking time to stop, be with loved ones, feel gratitude and appreciate the simple things in life.

Now, I’m not suggesting we all need to suddenly come to a grinding halt, turn the phones off and hide yourselves away. However I do think we could all do with a bit of slowing down and certainly, a bit of self-love over this time.

Christmas shouldn’t be about stress, exhaustion and continual over indulgence.

So here are some of my tips to keeping you sane, healthy and enjoying this time of year.

1) Lose the fried and/or processed foods like potato chips and replace with crudité and fresh dips, olives and wholegrain-seeded crackers

2) Have a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks

3) Try to only make time for people that make you happy and lift you

4) Keep up some physical exercise

5) Take some ‘you’ time, perhaps a scented bath or a long walk along the beach or a yoga class

6) Keep your health on track with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit to support the over – indulgences.

7) A green juice in the mornings with some wheatgrass or spirulina will help bring your body back to an alkaline state after too much acid forming foods, like alcohol, dairy & meat.


Beetroot and Tahini Dip

1 cup cooked beetroot

2 tbls unhulled tahini

¼ cup unsweetened Greek Yoghurt

fresh mint

salt/pepper to taste

squeeze of lemon juice


Blend and serve with crudité (sticks of raw vegetables). Think cucumber, carrot, celery, capsicum or whatever takes your fancy. Enjoy!

Lisa is an holistic health and wellness mentor, mum, author, chef and meditation instructor. Please contact her by visiting:


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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