Soul Trader by Jilly Gabrielson

Creation has always been a joy for me. I love the energy produced when we think about something from nothing, and a creation occurs that others relate too.

I have come up with many ideas in my working life.  I laugh when I think about them!  From International Cricket, AFL, Global Sailing merchandise, events, memorabilia, energy products, space rooms, organic haircare, skincare, wellbeing expos, themed conventions, Wellbeing Programs, Conscious Leadership Courses, online businesses and many more.

Fourteen years ago, my husband and I separated after a twenty-year marriage and at the same time lost most of our money created over our time together. 

I had to start over again.  This time I was older and had to create on my own under the pressure of having to earn to live, not from choice, but from necessity. 

Previously I had worked for others in the freedom of being able to create simply from the love of doing it.  Ideas would easily flow, and they would be implemented, or not, without stress or pressure. I helped many businesses make a substantial amount of money.

Over the past years living on my own and being responsible for my financial creation without backing or support has been tricky!    

I am yet to break through my own glass “sealing”!

I relate to how challenging it is for women and men who are trying to create their own business and make it financially successful.  It is often hard going, not just because of the “needs” pressure, but  every decision and piece of encouragement has to come from within.

Whether wins or losses, it always comes back to us.

Being a sole trader or having a small number of staff, every day puts us on the edge wondering how we can create it better, bigger, more effective, get more “likes” and ultimately more direct income flow.

I have worked this way for a long time on my own, trying to solve problems with solutions from my mind including creative business ideas to solve the “need” for income.

Creation of ideas keeps me busy however I am becoming more aware that it can be my excuse to keep in the small picture of life working hard to create modest flows.  I keep repeating the same loop rather than stepping out of the spiral of “solving” and opening into a new reality of trusting my natural momentum, regardless of what it looks like, and embracing whatever creation emerges from this more wholesome, expanded space. It’s outside my mind’s creation into the “unknown” of manifestation.

If we pondered this notion from a macro perspective, it could be we are going through a time on Earth where old mind-made ways and structures are dismantling as they no longer work.  When viewed from the micro of our lives, we too may be dismantling old beliefs and mindsets of how we create and what success really looks like?

What if we are being tested to demonstrate true belief in self and others as a connected, collective, humanity, regardless of how separate it may currently look in the world?

Maybe when we break through the mind’s confinement of our own glass ceiling, we will find that we have always been, and will always be, abundant!

Keys To A Wholesome Business

  1. Tune in to where your vibrant energy wants to flow for effortless creation.
  2. Step into your customers/clients’ shoes for greater understanding.
  3. Exchange all of you (mental/physical/emotional/spiritual) when dealing with others.
  4. Stay in present time and adaptable with business systems.
  5. Focus on effective communications including socials & marketing.
  6. Take responsibility for your creation.

To book a Conscious Workplace Mentoring Session, Workplace Program, or Individual Awareness Session, phone Jilly: 0417 451904


Jilly Gabrielson

Jilly is a qualified psychotherapist, specialising in the areas of: conscious business leadership, holistic counselling and creative mentorship. An explorer and discover of life on this beautiful blue planet…perhaps to find love is the answer.

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