SoulSpeak – Question Everything by Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

A big hello Parents! A big hello Readers!

Firstly for July, let’s send a huge congratulations and celebrations to the winner of last month’s “Best Me” competition held right here in Holistic Bliss Magazine – imagine a very rhythmic drum roll as I announce the winner – Charlie Lally. I am thrilled to share that the truly amazing and gifted Charlie has redeemed her prize and that it was an absolute honour to work with her as we navigated “Best Me”. I am, as always, also thrilled that we are continuing the connection to Best Me with additional creative communications processes and protocols. Yay Charlie.   

To continue the celebrations of my second cusp birth sign – Cancer – I am sharing the love with a July Super Draw – YAY! Details are provided further in this middle of Winter 2021 column. Remember to enter.

And now, straight to the point in our parenting practises and protocols.  

The transformational times that we are currently traversing shine a light on the fact that we have choice to question everything. Question ourselves: who we are; why we are that; why we do what we do; and why we parent the way we are parenting. Ask yourself, “is this parent that I am being me? Is this way of being mine? Is there a way of being a parent that is more in alignment with the BEST ME parent that I know I am?”

And in the questioning, there is zero judgement. This is all about becoming aware of your way of being. Your unique Modus Operandi. Your MO! And to do that, you become the observer. Observing yourself, and questioning why?

Then considering and making choices about “is this ME, is this how I wish to be? And changing everywhere you know it is required for you to BE YOU, and parent as YOU choose to parent as your BEST ME.

So many of us naturally revert to the styles, the language, the parenting behaviours of our parents, because that’s what humans are hard wired to do. To BE all that we have observed and experienced from birth (pre-birth actually) till forever until we choose to change all of that! And that is when we choose to be #BestMe, #BestYou and contribute to the collective consciousness in the highest vibration of Unconditional Love, which is one of the prominent areas of focus for us in 2022.

And beautiful parents, as we enter the second half of this #5 year of Radical Truth and Freedom energy focus, the energy flow is breathing in, and leaning in, to the 2022 intentions and shifts. Now is the time to revisit, review, and rewire. NOW is the time to say, “enough is enough!” and to draw that very definitive line in the sand. Yesterday is gone, today we are in the present and in the present is where we create the change. One moment to the next to the next …. And repeat. Forever! Only always.

I am here to assist you to navigate your parenting path to Best You, and as I mentioned earlier, July is the second month in my cusp birth celebrations, so I am sharing the love and delivering gifts. One of my favourite things – as gifting is always receiving.

For the July Super Special, the 5 first responders who purchase a Triple Treat Package of 3 Consecutive SoulSpeak Sessions at the July 2021 investment of $1111.11 will receive a bonus 45-minute Session that they can use themselves or gift to another. The uniquely bespoke sessions include a 2-hour online consultation with a variety of soul directed options.

To enter, simply text ‘Triple Treat’ to +61 400 169 855 and include your contact details to be advised that you: have qualified; received the payment details; and consecutively details on making your bookings.   

Please ensure that you note the payment deadline of Thursday 22 July 2021 AEST.

I am so excited for all of you already for choosing “Best You” and the wow that the Triple Treat Package will bring you. Less chaos. More calm. Less stress. More ease. MORE FUN, FREEDOM, AND BEING IN YOUR UNIQUE VIBRATION.

As mentioned previously, a series of SoulSpeak sessions is optimal as it provides you with the space to discuss what is coming up for you and to determine solutions and steps to action, by observing the bigger picture and your place in it.

For those wishing to purchase a single session, please feel free to contact me on or text 0400 169 855 for any questions you may have.

I look forward to helping you shine as your ‘Best Me’.

With big love and hugs from my heart and soul to yours.

Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

The Peaceful Parenting Provocateur

0400 169 855


  • ‘The 5 Love Languages of Your Family’ by Gary Chapman
  • ‘Nonviolent COMMUNICATION – A Language of Life’ by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD
  • ‘Democratic Parenting: Evolving Beyond Authoritarian and Permissive Parenting’ by Blaise T. Ryan
  • ‘It Didn’t Start With You’ by Mark Wolynn

Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

Donnamarie provides game changing guidance for parenting your children. She facilitates families to bring fun, kindness and happiness back to the family home.

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