Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and thinking to yourself:
“What will I have for breakfast today? I think I’ll have a 7/10 backache, a 9/10 migraine and a 7/10 feeling of overwhelming sadness!” Would you EVER choose to have those symptoms? I hear you saying, “What a stupid question. Of course not!” Yet many people wake up or live life with heartbreaking relationships, fear/anxiety, guilt, pain, worthlessness, financial dramas… myriads of issues, emotionally physically, mentally.

“Symptoms and stress are gifts in strange wrapping paper,” says Dr. Darren Weissman. Why? Because the body is the way the subconscious mind lets us know something is amiss in our lives.

The conscious mind is 2-10% of our waking consciousness. The other 90-98% is subconscious. It’s reactive, it doesn’t think, it only reacts. We spend most of our life reacting to past memories unconsciously! Bit like a submarine, you only see it when it surfaces… often at highly inappropriate times! Suddenly we’re reacting… bursting into tears with no idea why, or waves of anger flooding us. Every unprocessed memory and belief live in the subconscious and when triggered by any sensory experience (what you see, hear, smell, taste or touch), we react from old memories; not from what’s ‘really’ going on in your life. How often have you reacted to something someone said, knowing full well that your reaction wasn’t logical?

Those unprocessed emotions can appear as disease/health issues, impacting the body’s natural ability to heal, regenerate and be whole. If there was a way of bridging that gap between the conscious and subconscious so your attractor field was one of peace, joy, health and abundance, would you take it? Imagine having the tools to easily shift these reactive emotional patterns and create balance, clarity of vision and fulfilment! How would you measure the value of a tool like this?

For me, the value was pure gold! In 2007, after 9 years of extremely severe exopthalmos and attempting to heal myself with every method/practitioner in SA, both alternative and medical, I read ‘The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude’ by Dr Weissman. I just “knew” this was my solution. I flew from Adelaide to Chicago for a 3 day training; day two I had a session with a practitioner. Next morning I woke to my left eye being completely flat and my right eye 85% flat. I knew I had to bring Dr Darren to Australia which I did in 2009. Being almost 70 and qualified in many modalities, this is the most profound work I have ever seen. In February 2017 Dr Weissman will give talks in NSW, VIC, SA on ‘Love & Fear – What would you Choose?’

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Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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