Talk to Your Cells by Linda Simpson

Talking to my cells is something I did quite naturally as my awareness grew, and as I shared the concept with clients and friends, I realised that this awesome information highway was being largely ignored as a health and mindset tool.

It’s another form of mindfulness

Yes, it truly is. Have a think about it. Your brain is the holder of loads of physical information which has been gleaned from life in your world to date. Feeding your brain with information that you choose to store, and neutralizing outdated information is the key to clarity, and forward movement on your path.

Your cells are listening, what do they hear?

They listen to everything, just like your brain. 

  • What information are you sharing to your cells? 
  • What knowledge would you like for them to hold?
  • What are you over focusing on?
  • Are you dwelling on possible body malfunctions?
  • Is there a current public mindset impacting your thoughts?

Quantum Methods

If we accept as true that frequencies and sounds engage the neocortex of our brain, then how big a step is it to believe that our cells are listening. Our cells are listening to all that impacts us.

How can you improve your Cell Communication?

Check in regularly and find places in your day where your brain flows freely with its own chatter, its own agenda. Once you discover these areas, these regular patterns, then in that moment change the communication. It’s not necessary to rebut the thoughts which were being circulated, just leap into a mind conversation with your cells about something you’d like them to hear.

Maybe ask them to consider halving the time it takes to split, thus extending their life (and yours).

The Back-up Plan

My own solution to the management of my cells and the operational system of my body is a very simple ‘fall back’ routine which momentarily mutes negative mind chatter and builds resilience and immunity to the sometimes-overwhelming external information.

This solution involves singing a very simple little song, a song which emerged with our lockdown and isolation times of 2020.

I first heard it through a YouTube video with Allison Davies, a neurologic music therapist. It’s a great repetitive song for bedding into your brain and has been sung to the music of ‘Mama’s little baby loves short’nin’ bread.’ 

Every little cell in my body is happy

Every little cell in my body is well

I’m so glad every little cell

In my body is happy and well

You’ll hear me singing this song in the shower, loudly and with passion 😊

Building different inner beliefs

I firmly believe that building different inner belief patterns is a major pathway to holistic well-being. As regular humans we hold deep beliefs which impact on our daily lives. Small shifts in consciousness in the NOW can and will, if directed, run along your timeline and tweak the origins of old patterns. With an aim towards new awareness, gentleness and flow you can affect these tweaks without negative impact on your current life.

How can I help?

There are many frequency-based videos on my Linda Simpson – Heartisan YouTube channel and I’ve popped that link below. Surf them to intuit which one suits. 

‘Rewrite the Script’ is the magical process I run with clients which gently and intuitively adjusts your timeline, across all levels, clearing and neutralizing handbrakes, paving the way for more SHINE on your journey.

Sending LOVE BUBBLES out over the airwaves to YOU.

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector.

Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector helping tired Spiritual Workers, Coaches and Healers to Realign.

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