Talking to Crystals, Jewellery and Gemstones by Shauna Teaken

Could they really be your best friend?

Are you drawn to crystals? 

What about diamonds or gemstone jewellery?

Or do you just love the feel of a lucky stone in your hand, so smooth, hard and dense?

These are all conscious expressions of earth energies, gifting us a direct connection with the potent energies of earth.

All rocks have consciousness. And all have nature spirits or beings associated with them.

What if ‘talking’ with them, receiving from them and gifting to them, was easy?

The language of crystals is energy, so it’s subtle, it’s not dense and solid like most of our conversations. 

It’s not usually in words.

A piece of jewellery “speaks” to you when you find it irresistible and buy it. 

In that moment, it desires to contribute to you and can assist your body with healing, to relax, or to ‘shine’.

How many pieces of jewellery do you have that could be contributing more to you, and how many of them are ‘done’ and should be moved on? 

You can ask each item – rings, necklaces, earrings or rocks and crystals in raw form.

Each morning when you dress for the day, you can ask which of your jewels/stones would like to contribute to you today?

Whether you are appearing on camera, presenting to a group, working with clients or just going about your day, choosing the crystal, gemstone or jewel that resonates for that day, can be a huge contribution, not only to your health and wealth, but how you are perceived and received by others.

I have a huge collection of both jewellery and rocks/crystals. Not all have huge monetary value – but my body loves them and adores wearing them. I know if I ask and choose the piece which leaps out at me before I present a class, or go shopping or even just work on the computer, my health and wealth expands.

How much might your current collection/s desire to engage with you, contribute to you?

When you are willing to take time and practice relaxing and engaging with your body, and with nature, to open up and flow energy through your body, everything begins to talk to you! Money, buildings, animals…

This goes way beyond “use rose quartz for ….” This is about you, using your awareness to communicate directly, for what’s required in the moment.

What contribution can crystals be for you, your body and the Earth?

You can develop or expand your capacities to communicate with everything! For more information you can find my Talking with Crystals program here at

Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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