Tell Me A Story by Linda Simpson

I asked the Tarot cards to tell me a story and once again made the discovery of how some old inner rules were aiming to control my thinking and my outcomes.

The week had been amazing and I’d felt the flow of my journey, so when the tarot deck winked at me, I asked for a story about keeping the flow and the shine happily moving.

Now I don’t know tarot decks well, so when I’m called to this particular deck I gather the little book’s messages into a story and then I Listen. The answer is always in the listening for me.

This particular story was about being aware of my expectations; clarifying how my will guides me; it guided me to challenge ‘normal’ ethics and beliefs; and to strike a harmony with any restructure and change.

One element of my being that ‘popped up’ as I sat with this was about how I kind of expected a down/slow period after a big powerful one.

Why? Maybe because I’d heard someone else saying this back when I was growing into my awareness. Why would I hold onto that rule? So, with very little effort, I switched the inner picture from a sort of up and down Elliot Wave over to a rise and steady, rise and steady picture.

The bold message I took away from this story was to look into other’s thoughts and observations, that my brain may well have accepted as rules to follow. Following closely upon this thought was the feeling to look at where I may calculate or judge what another being is doing based on a possible ethic or rule held inside my inner files?

Seeking out and neutralizing silly rules has been a fun and fruitful game for a while now and many clients and friends have commented on the freedom they’ve felt from this sifting and sorting.

A recent example for me involves a beautiful friend who has been diving deep into a 60 day Practice Makes Mastery intensive and is benefiting hugely from this practice.

Do I want to do this too? Nope. I do, however, see and value this practice for her, for her growth and awareness; and I do feel into my connection so that I can be her friend on the level that supports us both over what is a very introspective time.

This example is an obvious one, other examples are very subtle and can suddenly be bold and underlined through association or hearing about them more than once.

Discernment is something I’m seeing as a must in the skill box for sensitives, empaths and intuitives and it’s in the not understanding, that I find there is usually a rule.

My own solution is to recognise a thought that doesn’t carry the high vibe, see where it’s sitting in my body energy, then feel into the why, just a little, open the inner file that shows me why I responded in that way, drench that file with love and allow the new perspective to settle into my cells and my heart library.

Sending Love and Hugs, LINDA

Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector helping tired Spiritual Workers, Coaches and Healers to Realign.

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