The 11:11 is the 411 by Kean Buckley

11:11 is the wakeup call. Time to be me, the truth. Integrity. People like Jesus representing the way – the truth. Do we? Today I’d like to discuss ‘Love’ which is the only truth, where fear is the way to illusion. Words have meaning and numerology can measure this. Words we commonly use like ‘pharma’ which means witchcraft and poison in Greek if you google it. PS a Google is 1 with a million noughts. 

There is a lot going on in the world, so I thought I’d take a break from teaching you right now and share a real solution that works, unconditional love (79/16/7). I say unconditional because most people love to a point where they discover the next illusion they must conquer – to learn that love is all there is.

Fear is fed by illusion. The Illusion of death, a 20 word, and we have 79 years left of the 2000s to learn this. Fear is being digested by the whole family daily at the dinner table and you only must look to our media programming since birth. The first news item is always negative or fearful. Are we the source of today’s current event?

Love connects us, fear divides us. Our current global situation has created two sides – ‘divide and conquer’ which is inbred from fear. Families and friends lost over their choices fits a pattern numerology can help us see. Love is real, Fear is belief. It is mind made. You must think like a soul to find solution. You must become yourself, which is LOVE.

Love is like light inclusive of all colours – ‘all are no less’ – no more – simple vibration. Fear is a fake colour or the absence of light persuading you that colour or light is your enemy. When you begin to fear any colour (or thing), you colour your mind with fear, and fear all colours not your own – you begin to attack the whole. This is a virus. A self-killing prophecy we must resolve in ourselves before we can even begin to talk to another, or hold space for their view.

We plant a belief in our mind and attack any other belief that isn’t the right colour. That is what fear does, it separates, divides, and conquers anything other than it. That is how you can kill.

Love is powerful because it is inclusive and therefore holds the solution within it. 

Love includes fear, but ‘fear excludes love’. 

Love sees the whole game and allows others to be at their level. 

Love has experienced both sides of every duality or war. It is not better, more aware, more woke, more whole. 

Love evolves ‘with all’, not in spite of all. 

Love includes all. All races, gender opinions, definitions, cultures, countries, religions, cults, and creeds respectfully. 

Love sees fear like a frozen mosquito in the liquid amber of a million-year-old tree sap.

To support you on your journey and back to love, my next course is free on the 29/9/2021 with a ‘pay if forward’ option at the end. for a free Life Matrix explaining how to do your chart, Purchase ‘The Power of Numbers’ Book 1 and ‘The Power of Vibration’ Level 1 course book. 

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Kean is an innovative, authentic and natural personal development facilitator, specialising in relationship and raising awareness with over twenty years experience. He is an experienced teaching counsellor, high school teacher, transformational mentor and motivational speaker.

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