This whole new version and upgrade of Numerology is to acknowledge the 21C child and make numerology about vibration a 2000’s word.

The 1900’s child/adult was set in a world all about the arrow of determination, 1-5-9, which you will learn in the Life Matrix at [2]. They were all about ‘focus on the path’ – ‘place the flag on the moon’ – ‘build as big as you can’ and ‘forget the consequences’. The 2000’s child, on the other hand, will have a ‘20’ in 2 of their 8 digits of their life path number for the next 79 years. It is the 20 that begins the sense plane 2-5-8 and acknowledges the Goddess or 0 – which is rare. The Life Path number (LPN) is the path that the soul chooses to highlight this life. In the case of the 2000’s child/human, the focus is on relationship and balance. You can have a child born on the 02/02/2000 who has no other focus than to make a relationship work (3×2’s has a big focus on relationship and 5×0’s has a big focus on the silent goddess, or gift).

20 words are wise, kind, equal, flow, clean, beauty, balance chi and autism (which ramped up in the 2000’s). These children/adults are the next step of evolution and can see, judge and sense what humanity must do – rather than focus on the almighty ‘fiat currencies’ of the world. This point is easily heard but rarely acted on in the 1900’s people. Equality is our birthright, and 2000’s human are all about ‘a kind in balance’. We have moved from revering determination to energy vibration and relationship. In fact, 7 billion people use a 2 or 5 ‘word’ for energy – which sit next to each other on the 2-5-8 sense plane. It is all about flow and sense (2) – rather than the focus on growth of the 1900’s and 1’s needs.

I have thought of making a book up to acknowledge the 2000’s humans – like the Indigo kids but I found it exclusive and anecdotal at best. I do not believe in better children just more aware 1’s!

The world is a result of the great work we all have done – whether good or bad – we have all created the need for ‘the kind seer’, that will judge what needs to happen in our relationship with the rock that we all reside on.

I have never seen a 2000’s child without a unique energy and The Numbers book 1, is the first book I know of that speaks in the ten and 0 + 9 accurate vibration of numbers – where each number or word is described by its own number for the first time. Most of us unconsciously talk in 9 numbers all at once, and do not acknowledge the source code, or the fact that, words and numbers as vibration, create our children’s worlds.

I will spend the rest of my life helping 2000’s people learn the one creative law ‘Mentalism’ – to see the gift of their vibration, creating life in 9 vibrations– so they may design their life of purpose.

For the world’s first vibrational numerology head to [2].

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Kean Buckley

Kean is an innovative, authentic and natural personal development facilitator, specialising in relationship and raising awareness with over twenty years experience. He is an experienced teaching counsellor, high school teacher, transformational mentor and motivational speaker.

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