The Coming of the Age of Aquarius Energies by Gerard Bini

On 1st March 2023 Aquarius entered Pisces, which to most people means absolutely nothing.  However, before the 1st of March, many Astrologers were getting quite excited about this impending event, expecting a positive change in the direction of how our lives would be going. I personally spoke to several Astrologers about the impending March 1st energies involving the age of Aquarius, however, I held onto zero expectation of anything tangible coming out of this Aquarius entering Pisces event.

Well, I can confirm that there IS very tangible evidence that there has been a positive change in the Earth’s energies since 1st of March, and, this has continued up until the date of writing this blog on 7th August 2023.

So, what exactly was this change in the Earth’s energies? 

The change in energy that occurred from the 1st of March was that it remarkably produced no Solar Winds or CME (Coronial Mass Ejection) which would then induce Geoelectrical Ground Current (GGC) activity.

World-wide GGC’s are triggered by planetary retrogrades such as the ominous Mercury Retrogrades, which occur 3 times a year for periods of up to 60 days at a time.  Solar Winds activity from the Sun, especially over the last 2 years, have been very regular occurrences especially as we enter the height of Solar Cycle 25.  As we are entering the top of Solar Cycle 25, the daily occurrence of high solar wind speeds and the odd CME continues.  However, surprisingly the recurrent world-wide GGC’s no longer exist.

What is a Geoelectric Ground Current?

To explain what Geoelectric Ground Current events do due to streams of high-speed solar winds or from a CME, is that the earth’s crust generates a “positive charge” ground current which is a harmful earth radiation charge that can emanate above the ground up to 10 meters, hence causing HUGE Geopathic stress in people and animals!

The energies involved, being harmful earth radiation charge, do have a ‘dumbing down’ effect on the world’s population, and it has been happening since time immemorial. 

It is interesting and most important to note that the 5G in Street Light networks also generates a harmful GGC across entire cities putting the world’s population under similar severe Geopathic Stress!

Enter The Age of Aquarius…..

The Age of Aquarius is all about consciousness expansion and enlightenment, truth, and transparency.  If you were to equate those particular qualities, they would together produce a negative charge that is “life-giving”.  

So, the Aquarian energy, with its healthy negative charge that entered on 1st March 2023, was exactly what was required to prevent the space between the Magnetosphere and the earth’s crust from being “charged up” with a depleting positive charge caused by the solar winds and CME’s activity, which in the past, have generated world-wide GGC’s that caused severe Geopathic Stress on humans.

How long will this harmonizing effect from the Aquarian energy last for?  It has been said by many Astrologers that the Age of Aquarius could last for the next 2000 years! 

Rollout of 5G streetlight network in ALL cities world-wide.

Maybe this is the reason why suddenly, since April this year in Australia and the USA especially, l have noticed that the very harmful 5G street light network which is now deployed in every city and town world-wide, has been turned “on” so soon after the 1st March life-giving Aquarian energy started, so that it would, in effect, “replace” the harmful GGC’s that were temporarily knocked out by this coming of the Age of Aquarius earth energy!

Prior to 1st March, when world-wide Geoelectrical Ground Currents were occurring regularly, if you had a Geoclense or a Stellar Dome, both you and your property were well protected by the GGCs, no matter how severe the GGC’s activity.

This is because the Geoclense and the Stellar Dome produce a healthy negative charge to the boundaries of your property, (which is how localised GGC’s operate) preventing the occupants of the property from harmful Geopathic Stress.  Geopathic Stress depletes the Chinese Meridians, which then in turn depletes the vital organs of energy rendering them sluggish.

By Gerard Bini

Intuitive Building Biologist

Managing Director

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.

Gerard Bini

Gerard Bini, founder of Orgone Effects Australia and the foremost Australian expert in the development of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products, is a well-respected and internationally renowned Intuitive Building Biologist with 20 years of experience and research into EMF beyond the normal.

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