During the witching times, the Rose Cloak became more than a fashion accessory.  Wise women and seers used the cloak for protection and when they turned her inside out, they were able to disappear from sight and save themselves from the fires.

It is a delicious idea to create an imaginative modern Rose Cloak which can be used in our current circumstances. We are living in a time of unprecedented energetic challenge. We cannot reason our way through the tests that are presenting themselves.  We can, however, enhance our thinking and our view of life by perceiving the benefits of creating a Rose Cloak.

My Rose Cloak is created from living rainbow roses which change colour and move gently as if blowing in the wind. They sing quietly to assist with rose visions and deeper relaxation.  Their melody is both a gentle lullaby and a call to action on behalf of the rose. The scent is so powerful that it creates a blanket of compassion which irradiates my rose dreaming.

Reversing the Rose Cloak happened when I was involved in a major rose healing.  I found that by turning the Cloak inside out, the roses (now on the inside of the cloak), formerly vibrantly active on the Cloak’s exterior, played a different role.  Whilst in the witching times this made the wearer disappear, now this form of cloak penetrates the physical cellular structure and creates a feeling of harmony and well-being – and ultimately of healing. As a result, the cells give off a special humming vibration which brings sensations of pure delight.

Access is now available to an enhanced form of Cloak – our creations have roses which speak, move and dance whilst perfuming the surrounding air.  This ‘super’ Cloak links with the energy of pure joy.  Wear it whilst you play with the rose energies. Converse with the Cloak and she will guide you in your healing practices.  And even more than this – use the Rose Cloak to enhance the vibration of your own home – settle it gently around your home and she will bring in the purest of pure angelic vibrations – you will notice the difference immediately.

As you recreate your cloak – reactivate your physical body and energise it with the purity of the sacred rose. Enjoy the energy of the Rose Cloak and use her to show your love for your home – know that with her you are never alone – never without help. Once you have your Rose Cloak – should you decide to gift one to a friend, that is a beautiful gift and the more people utilising the energy of the Rose Cloak, the more peace and harmony will enter our world! 

For further information or to receive the gift of the Rose Cloak please contact Dr, Cris Henderson  Or 61(0) 424 949 742.

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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