The Cosmic Rose embodies the essence of the sacred rose, the love of the cosmic heart, the vibration of the stars and the energy of Mother Mary’s blue rose into one vibrant being.  The Cosmic Rose is the missing link of the universe. 

I created a Cosmic Rose Retreat around my search for this rose which I would love to share with you.

The Divine Mother, the Mother of the Universe, is standing close to us all – she is looking for our attention – she has been appearing on Mother Earth as part of her divine plan.  She has been trying to reach us for a very long time. She asks us to notice her now.

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist

My journey to finding the Cosmic Rose Mother, the cosmic form of divine Mother Mary, takes place on her sacred sites and begins at Knock where Mary appeared.  I was fortunate enough to journey to Knock and I have stood in the exact place where Mary materialised feeling her pure vibration roll through my body.

During this esoteric retreat we stay at Knock for three days to explore this sacred site and to bring in the essence of Mother Mary.  We then travel to other sacred sites over seven days each day journeying more deeply into our own personal interiors.

When the retreat finished the cosmic roses combined to form one cosmic key. I walked through this keyhole into a place of extraordinary beauty where my dreams were enhanced. My body was healing in her own way but it was my soul who had scattered on the four winds – my soul who now needed all the help she could get – I knew that the cosmic cure would help to reform her and so I continued.

I arrived in the central point of heaven and moved into a great vortex of light.  All the cosmic roses were in attendance celebrating this shift.  They journeyed with me to find this new landscape.

As I turned the corner the magical castle of Gerry the Gentle Green Giant from Galway last seen in my book ‘Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop’ appeared.  Upon my arrival a parade began and in the dark waters below the castle the merpeople of all descriptions together with whales, dolphins, seals and water angels swam as one.  The goddesses including the Great God Mary stood on the balcony.  I was in time for the grand finale.

As the triple phoenix, the sacred sign of rose consciousness, dipped and dived over the balcony my heart exploded out of my chest and I received my missing soul fragments. At last I experienced a feeling of total completion.  At last I had come home to my essential self. 

I am the magic of who I am and now I am receiving what is within me. 

Please join me on the Rose Retreat which can be experienced at any time in any place.  Contact me for info about my e-books and upcoming books.

Rose photos supplied by Lyn.

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.



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