The Crystal Skulls of Old By Richard Giles

Have you had contact with one of the Crystal Skulls of renown? If so
you may have been impressed by the detailed carving that’s been done
by someone, somewhere producing them from hard crystal. The specific
hardness of quartz means that a lot of muscle, pressure, sweat and
time would have gone into carving that piece with their mirror smooth

Many skulls are either in private collections or in museums. A few
are estimated to have been carved perhaps over 1000 years ago. We did
not have the tools & technology to do the sorts of work that produced
some of them as we have today.

A skull that illustrates this is known as the Mitchell-Hedges skull,
probably found in Belize in central America in 1923 at a Mayan
excavation site in Lubaantun by the adventurer Mike Mitchell-Hedges
with his daughter Anna Mitchell-Hedges. It was said she located it
first. You will find lots of scientific ‘proof’ that this skull and
all other skulls mentioned here are not older than a few hundred
years, but tests done on the Mitchell-Hedges skull by Hewlett Packard
crystal laboratories in California in the 1970s showed the technology
needed to produce it had not yet been developed.

There are a number of skulls reported to be at least a 1000 years
old. Some are on the list here: The Mitchell-Hedges Skull – Clear
Quartz (origin: Belize), Amar – Quartz (Tibet), Sha Na Ra – Quartz
(Mexico), The ET Skull – Smoky Quartz (Guatemala), Ami – Amethyst
(Mexico), Max – Quartz (Guatemala), Synergy – Quartz (Micronesia),
Mayan Skull – Quartz (Honduras), British Museum Skull – Quartz
(Europe), Rainbow Skull – Quartz (Guatemala).

The Legend and Prophecy – there are cross-cultural legends shared by
the Mayans, the Aztecs, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples
regarding these skulls handed down from generation to generation. One
legend is of the thirteen crystal skulls. Cherokee Medicine Man,
Harley Swift-Deer Reagan once said: “These skulls were kept inside a
pyramid in a formation of tremendous power known as the Ark. The Ark
had twelve skulls kept in a circle with the largest and thirteenth
skull placed in the centre. This skull represents the collective
consciousness of all the worlds. At a pivotal time in humanity’s
history, the 13 crystal skulls will be reunited again to awaken a new
era – transforming the old into a new world.”

In 2008 Bill Homman, current guardian of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull
(Anna having passed), was on the Sunshine Coast for the Nexus
Conference. I had the chance to be with that skull several times.
Once was at a Maleny talk and second, at a private meditation with
the skull. Each experiences with the skull was different. At the
public talk the skull session took me off into a galaxy with my
vision hugely enlarged. The second time was an insight around the
role of women and my partner Susie. A friend who shared that
meditation said she saw that the skull’s original guardians; Mayan
women who had hidden it back then, intending it to be found again
this century.

Today you can buy crystal skulls at any gem show. Not many have the
energies of the older ones, but if carved by an aware carver, they do often
have strong qualities. Look out for them. If further interested see
the Crystal Skull World Day site for November 20th, 2016 on

NOTE: To see Crystal Skull Amar visit here –


PHOTO credit: Richard meditating with the Mitchell-Hedges skull

Richard Giles is an astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner
phone: 07.5435.0158


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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