This editorial is dedicated to Rikka Zimmerman – without Rikka and the magic of Life Transformed it would never have been written. Thank you Rikka.

Suggested music – The Sound of Angry Men from Les Miserables.

Recently I led an angelic revolution on Angel Hill – the centre point of Mary’s Meadow. For the first time 250,000 of Mary’s angels stopped work until their grievances with the Council of Light were addressed.  After seven days the issue of support to Mary’s angelic kingdom was solved and we have returned to Angel Hill to take the next steps of our mission to enlighten the planet[i].

We are looking through angel eyes now that we have received Mother Mary’s hidden cosmic codes.  We are all her angels who have returned to their natural heavenly state.  We return density to its origin – we release old frequencies and dead vibrations – we are no longer closed –we are open. 

We commune with our bodies.

Body, we say, we are now safe to continue our earthly adventure together. We breathe the earth energy and align with source.

We walk the magical streets of Heaven.

As my body opens it releases all earthly patterns of pain.  It senses this beautiful bubble of heavenly frequency around it – it can no longer be hurt, injured or speared by outside sources. 

The angelic frequency has overcome everything. 

You look into one particular angel’s eyes – you ask – are you willing to bring through God’s heavenly light? 

The answer is an unhesitating ‘yes’.

As you look you too receive the light of heaven – open your angelic heart wider as you notice all the angels – all 250,000 of them are now bringing through the light of heaven simultaneously. 

We ask that God’s heavenly light shine through us and through every cell in our bodies so that they are filled with magic and effortlessness.

Remember living in the light of heaven – recognise that glorious light – we are held in the bubble so each cell opens like a rainbow prism – nothing can resist this light. 

This light is a heavy hitter.  This light is free and angelic – it bursts through density free and dissolving every blockage with luminosity. 

Nothing can stand against it. 

Once this light is with us earthly matters diminish. The angels are creating heavenly frequency and vibration on our behalf – they are literally pouring heavenly light into us as we move into our new frequency together.

We ask that the space within our consciousness that knows the light of heaven and God and knows how living in that light feels – we ask that this now reaches in to our awareness and is received with delight.  It is already done.[1]

[1] This is an angelic activation that is linked to my newest book coming out later in the year – The Seven Cosmic Roses.’  Should you like to receive this as a full initiation please contact me.

[i] Should you wish to receive this activation as a gift please contact me

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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