The Family Principle in Motion by Gaylyn Aitken

The life we live is shaped and directed by our mind and performed by our body. We do us in every word and action. Our movement developed alongside our mind, so in observing the quality of our movements we can identify the postural patterns of our mind that interfere with the natural functional flow of the body.

The body is our vehicle and all that we are is contained within that sacred container, so when we change the way we’ve always performed an action every part of us moves with that change.

Change isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do, but if we want to live a life with minimal pain and discomfort we need to allow change to come in to our life, without which there can be no growth.

I say the same thing over and over because for many the idea that they are able to change their situation by learning the language of their body is too simplistic. It puts the onus on one to initiate and nurture change, to look inside and recognise what no longer works.

It doesn’t matter what sort of movements we make in looking for change, it’s the quality of our awareness that makes the difference between ticking exercise boxes and using movement as a pathway to enlightenment and spiritual maturity.

The more aware we are of self without judgment, the more compassionate is the connection to all that we are. If we do our self in every word and action, then the quality of our relationships with the wider community is relative to our relationship with self.

Approaching life from this perspective minimises the need to look outside of our self for direction as to the appropriate response to situations. The incoming messages and outgoing responses of the nervous system to our inner life and environment become a clear and understandable language that promotes the beauty and honesty of being human.

I promote and nurture free thinking as I move through my life with awareness, minding my own business. What is my business? My body and all that concern it.

Gaylyn Aitken

Kahuna Mist began operations in 1996 as The Body Care Centre and changed it's name to Kahuna Mist in 2001. Owner and founder Gaylyn Aitken was trained by Kahu Abraham from 1997 until his passing in 2004 and continues with his work of evolutionary transformation through movement.

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