Once upon a time there was a little girl of four who saw a green man – a live fairy – in the vegetable garden of her Queensland home.  She excitedly told her father who threatened her if she said any more.  And so, she successfully shut down.  She closed over.  She never spoke of her friend and what he had told her again.  She grew up and went on hurting and saying nothing of her beautiful visions and deep understandings for many years until at age 50 she began to mention some small aspects of this knowing.  In the meantime, she suffered and hurt and became increasingly sick – she almost died several times and still she did not really know why. 

It took her until her 79th year to understand that keeping all the knowledge and love locked up within her was killing her. 

So only then in her 79th year did she begin to tell the truth.

We have come to a place known as the Gateway of the Infinite travelling on from Angel Hill where the angels are preparing for their entry to Earth to this place – a venue never visited before.  The ground has been stony, and our feet are lacerated, bruised and sore – I stumble and fall only to be lifted by a gentle giant and carried on his shoulders.

We have no idea of where we are headed. 

We only know that a group of gentle giants has surrounded us and filled us with their grace and love.

My personal inner journey intensified in order for me to take this journey as now there were other dimensions involved and I was, even if I did not yet know it, looking for ways to bring in more light to myself and to the planet. I am restored to walking independently now. My earthly body receives the message that I can walk again, and the healing begins.  In this other time the mist itself as we stride along is bright green and covers our bodies as if we are wearing a sacred cloak. 

There are eight giants with us, and they exude a feeling of gentleness and support.  Their giantness activates the giantness within our essential selves.  We walk through the Stargate that appears before us and as we do our bodies stretch, swell and then shatter.

The gate within us is huge and double-sided. 

We have had this gate within us all along, but we did not recognise its presence – we were unaware of our own potential and power until the giants took us in hand – we have, it would seem, suffered needlessly.

We would have been unable to open this internal gate without the help of the giants.  The giants are our guardians and guides on this part of our journey.

The pathway to access higher influences is through the shadows and through the shadows we have come with our new friends carrying us where necessary. The pain and agony is at last over – the giants have seen to that – they have blown through anything that dares to impede our progress. 

It simply is no longer allowed.

Silence inside the mist which followed us through the gate was almost total.  Our nerves began to vibrate as we did not understand where we were or what we were doing.  We find we are walking in what seems like a tunnel of mist. 

We are on an inter-dimensional trail and changing dimensions.

Suddenly it was as if the giants punched my body, releasing and opening the gate – once this happened, I was through and the giants were holding me in a loving embrace and restoring my vibration which was shattered and torn. 

It is time to say goodbye to my old life and to begin again just as it is time for you to say goodbye to your old life in order to begin again.

They – the giants –  hold me under a waterfall of golden light which changes my perspective, my body and my mind – the sacred waters restore my soul which was lost – earthly life and the punishment of the pharmaceuticals I had ingested for a better life had reduced my flower of life, my soul to nothingness.  My soul withered almost completely and without the gentle giants it would have been lost for all times.

We set off again with great love and joy to connect our flow of light to bring in the light of Christ. 

We connect with the element of Water both inside and outside ourselves.  Our water is the connection point to ancient wisdom now made known to us.  This sacred flow connects us to other planets, water nations and different lifetimes.  The water flows in through the now open star gates, both internal and external only to flood our bodies with healing.  It turns outward and connects with the waters of Mother Earth – the beauty of her seas, rivers, lakes, creeks, harbours and waterfalls all over the world rise up for recognition. 

The waters inside and outside of us gradually form one enormous sea – all connected. We can now bring out of it any dark remnants of pollution – the dark energy rises into a black tower. 

The tower rises out of ourselves and out of the world’s waters.  This is a time of spiritual metamorphoses.

The giants stand in a circle around the tower and combine their breath.  With one mighty heave they blow the tower away – it is gone for all time now – we are free of the darkness.

We travel through the atmosphere until we are back on Mother Earth.  We are at the circle of giants and we cry tears of gentle release into the fabric of Gaia – we re-weave her as we have ourselves been re-woven.

This phase of our journey is complete.

We give thanks to our gentle giants, our darling companions as we rest together and contemplate our newness.  We have begun a new life-cycle.  It is already done – yes it is done.

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.


  • So much information in this story. Just amazing! Thank you for sharing about the giants and what they do for us. This really resonated with me. Xx

  • This is a wonderful piece, I Thank You 🙏🏽 as I appreciate the work you/I do. There is no separation. Many of your previously offered writings also Ring True. Such connection, and strength, Love and other Beautiful higher vibrational Qualities/Energies help Heart ❤️‍🩹 Healing & opening. The fragrance of the Roses must surely surround you. Thanks Dr Chris, I look forward to more insightful articles. 🤗👋🏻👏🙏🏽💚⚡️☮️


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