The Holistic Gardener by Mick O’Brien.Dip.Hort (MAIH)

Hello dear readers and thanks for tuning in! I would like to introduce myself. It’s Mick O’Brien here from Profound Horticultural and this is our first time we are with Holistic Bliss and I am literally thrilled to be part of this wonderful inspirational publication that shares the same holistic vision as myself and all those intuitive souls that are attracted to pick up the magazine to gaze upon the pages within.

It’s truly a compilation of many professional, positive role models who have progressed through their own self-awareness and life journey to find their own purpose and as a result, pass on their own unique skills and abilities with the aim to assist others to look within and honour their own soul progression. Whether your service be aromatherapy or meditation, nutrition or life coaching, to heal and balance the chakra’s or offer counseling, you all should be commended for your service to mankind and the earth.

How do we assist? Profound Horticultural is a small business specialising in garden creation, renovation and maintenance. I started my garden business originally in July 2002.

After graduating with my Diploma in Horticulture nearly 20 years ago, I embarked on a magical journey of my own. I remember the days when I was fresh on the scene talking with my potential customers, rattling off large impressive Latin plant names, wide eyed and bushy tailed, filled with science facts and armed with a soil PH kit in my saddlebag. As I look back, I take comfort in knowing that I had to learn the only way I could, as I got experience with all sorts of laborious park and garden duties which would eventually assist with making my customers’ gardens be their best they can be.

It seems to be a natural progression after working among trees and plant energies over the years to have developed a very healthy respect and appreciation for the environment, which has led me to be more in tune with my soul and mother earth. I have realised that all things are connected, every plant and animal and micro-organism are all part of the great divine. I am the student and I am in a symbiotic relationship with mother earth and the cosmos. So as I have followed my passion and become more in tune with nature, I have noticed many divine messages, synchronistic events, people and animals that cross my path. All seemingly re-assure me that I am on my own unique journey and to have gratitude for my health and my life. So I take solace in being grounded with the plants and animals and spending time in my natural surroundings, especially in our busy fast paced society.

I am reminded often and get a wonderful clearing energy when I clean out some old gardens in my occupation. I often get a strong wisp of breeze that comes from seemingly nowhere and it rustles the leaves all around me and I just stop and marvel and become one with the great spirit.

Now I am in tune with the soil too; the mother energy of all plants and I provide information and products to assist with a truly holistic approach to harmonise your garden. I have manufactured my own prescription blend of rock mineral dusts blended with volcanic Zeolite and infused with micro-organisms as a first treatment to re -birth the soil. This will be on market in late November. I have been using this product as a prototype on many of my valued customers properties with impressive results. Just add water and mulch and watch the earth worms come 🙂 As a qualified and registered horticulturist and affiliated with the Australian Institute of Horticulture, I can assess your current garden and provide professional analysis and advice to improve your overall garden’s health and provide solutions to create a sustainable more holistic garden design. With the maintenance part of my business, I can prune, plant, mulch, perform topiary and manicure hedges and edges, lawn mowing and create fertiliser regimes.

Profound Horticultural can implement and perform maintenance programs and tackle those seasonal jobs reliably and regularly to suit the most fastidious of clients including watering your plants while you are away on holidays. Also I am a guest writer for the “Subtropical Gardening” magazine and regular contributor to “The Island and Surrounds” local newspaper on all things gardening on Bribie Island. I have a passion for the environment and love to write and document my experiences accordingly, am honored to be part of the Holistic Bliss experience.

Our business is based on Bribie island and we target from Bribie to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast areas. I offer consultancy for those who just want advice on what to plant where or offer consultation information on your next garden renovation or new garden creation. We also detail properties before they go on the market.
So let’s heal the soil, harmonise the garden and nurture our natural habitat today.
Thanks for tuning in and “Happy Holistic Gardening” to you all.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
Holistic Bliss is also available to be downloaded as a free App (downloaded in 52 countries) and you can receive notifications about new articles and cover personalities on your phone.

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