Many people are curious yet tentative about doing coffee enemas for health reasons. There is loads of conflicting information on the internet, as there seems to be a war on anything that comes under the enormous umbrella of “natural healing”. You could ask your medical professional about it but don’t expect a positive response as they are not trained in this technique, unless they practice integrative medicine. So, you may wish to ask a natural therapist who is trained in this area.

I questioned a range of health professionals and their responses were rather inconsistent, so as always I went with my body and my intuition. I did my own research and then went for it. I also learned a lot along the way, including certain things you must do, in my view, in conjunction with coffee enemas in order to stay healthy and get the most benefits from it (I have mentioned these at the end of this article). I also recommend that if you are currently taking any kind of big pharma medication, it is wise to seek professional advice first from a therapist who understands it thoroughly.

Doing enemas was a huge part of my healing journey after being diagnosed with a serious illness about five years ago, and I believe a massive factor in my success. So I thought I would include an excerpt here on this topic from my forthcoming memoir, The Frequency of Freedom.

Coffee enemas were a godsend for me. They were one of the major physical methods I utilised for detoxifying and cleansing my being. Contrary to popular belief, a coffee enema (CE) is not like a laxative. Laxatives are designed to make us go to the toilet because we are constipated or need to clear out the bowel for a colonoscopy or some other reason. From my discussions with many people about CEs, it is commonly misunderstood that they are designed for the same purpose – this is not correct.

CEs do often cause a clearing out of what is due at the time but they are actually best performed when the colon is clear, i.e., after a bowel movement. But it doesn’t always work out like that in real life.

This is how a CE works: the coffee is absorbed by the portal vein, which goes directly to the liver. This then triggers the liver to mass produce a natural antioxidant that our bodies already make called glutathione; production is increased by a whopping 700 per cent.

Based on my personal experience, the following points summarise the important benefits of a coffee enema:

  1. Headache relief – within minutes (i.e., while I am still holding the coffee in).
  2. Mega mood lift – when I first discovered I had a tumour, I would wake up depressed every day. A CE would alleviate this and lift my mood. Without this, I don’t know if I would have had the drive and determination to keep going. Depression may have gotten the better of me.
  3. Nausea alleviation – I have used CE many times for this purpose.
  4. Bloating reduction –when I first started detoxing there were days when I was bloated from all the die-off of parasites in my intestines; my little belly was a pot. A CE would help to alleviate this straight away.
  5. General improvement of well-being.
  6. Pelvic floor muscle improvement – any issues I had in this regard disappeared over time. This was a side effect that happened naturally and I later discovered that there is a connection.
  7. Skin cell rejuvenation – Hollywood movie stars have used CEs to make themselves look more beautiful.
  8. Optical clarification – CEs helped to give me more beautiful, clear eyes.
  9. Brain fog alleviation – allowing for clearer thinking.
  10. Pain relief – I used a CE many times for this reason and it did the job. When I had serious pain, I would do one every few hours. Since I started doing this, I have not taken a single pharmaceutical pain reliever. I read somewhere that back in World War II, wounded German soldiers on ships had no access to standard medicinal pain killers, so the nurses would give them CEs for relief of pain. This would have been a godsend for those poor soldiers.
  11. Toxin removal – my health is wonderful now and I don’t believe this would have happened without CEs. I continue to do them regularly for good health.

If you want to utilise the holy coffee enema, here’s my list of essential “must-do’s” that I mentioned earlier:

  • Stay well hydrated.
  • Use a thermometer to begin with until such time as you are able to assess the temperature is right by touch alone.
  • Make sure you replace the minerals in your body by drinking fresh juices and/or taking mineral salts.
  • Only use organic, chemical- and mould-free coffee.
  • Start with a low dose of coffee and figure out what’s right for you.
  • Keep those enema kits super clean!
  • Do your research, and above all, TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

My forthcoming memoir, The Frequency of Freedom, is all about my healing journey and includes more about the holy coffee enema and other healing techniques. The final formatting is currently underway and at the time of writing will be ready for print in six to eight weeks. If you would like to be notified of the date of release, go to and sign up.

Sandy McShane

Sandy Torah McShane shares her amazing transformational journey and is the author of 'The Frequency of Freedom' with a release date of July 2022.

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  • I have been doing coffee enemas for 27 years.
    I put in a desert spoon of vinegar and a small pinch of cayenne pepper…very small…
    I use some piping and tubing and just cook up a 2-3 litre pot and put it on a chair while I lie down.

    I used to do 10 day cleanses when I was younger and enema-ed each morning after the 2nd day.

    Nowadays I am in other regimes but quite often I use then old faithful method.


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