The Joining

By Supriya

Question: What is the fastest way to Enlightenment?
Buddha: Good Company.

The Very Good Company was formed for the purpose of creating conscious community. As a part of that they run The Joining, a 3-day annual event which focuses on the relationship of the Masculine and Feminine, internally and externally.

When I stepped up to hold the basket as a symbol of the feminine energy of The Joining for a whole year, I admittedly had no idea what it would bring to me. All I could feel was an irresistible pull towards this beautifully adorned symbol of the feminine energy for a whole community. This is a community that has become my family away from home and has held me through many challenges on the way to becoming an Australian resident. Having had the honour of being part of this community in the last eleven years, all the positive qualities I associate with the word “family” apply to the people that are willing to show up in life and do whatever it takes to become more whole and integrated. With the committee (and Elders and Directors and community building circles) I have been doing the inner work needed all year to help create a container of love, power and acceptance that people can step into the moment they arrive.

It has been such a journey for the last nine months, centered around this year’s theme of Inner Balance, Mature Relating and Divine Expression. Consequently, we have come to stand in a calmer, centered and steady place within ourselves and more fully present in our community. We’ve been learning to offer our uniqueness and our passions to others, like the ripe fruit on our Joining tree. Mature literally means ready and ripe. So it is our task to move from the essence of who we are as men and women, so that we can grow into creative and powerful beings as lovers and partners, parents and friends and as the mentors and Elders of our people. In doing so we open more fully to something much greater than any of us could create alone. Acknowledging the inter-connectedness of all beings, as a collective, we manifest infinite possibilities and honour the Sacred in us all.

I invite you to bring your own understanding of this year’s theme to The Joining this September as we gather together with 22 International, national and local presenters including Brian Martin, Cynthia Connop & Ernst Dams, Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati, Yvonne Lumsden, Robin Clayfield, Rudran Brannock, Lisa Camille Robinson and Peter Walkingourworld, to share and consciously grow each other into a conscious community.

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