The No 1. way to move from surviving to thriving in your wellness business

There are many benefits to having your own business: freedom to work where and when you like, not having a boss, setting your own financial and business goals, choosing who you want to work with, helping others and changing the world!

However these can also result in increased stress as you have to make all the decisions yourself, you don’t have colleagues to bounce ideas off, can struggle with overwhelm, over manage a range of social media platforms and marketing strategies, juggle finances, work long hours and risk burnout.

With nearly 30 years in business and having experienced burnout several times, I’ve discovered that the top way to move from surviving to thriving in business over the longer term is to always have a life jacket ready.

Grab a life jacket!
As solopreneurs and small business owners navigating the business seas, we need life jackets stowed away for times of troubled waters. Running our own businesses provides many sunny sky days and smooth sailing but can also at times throw us a few sudden unexpected storms. While we may be enjoying the challenging boat ride across the endless ocean, we need to make sure we are prepared in case of emergencies. Having a few life jackets onboard can assure us we are safe when our waters are rocky, when we need to keep our heads above water, and sometimes save us when we need to be swiftly rescued!
I liken a support team to a life jacket.

A support team is a network of people who can move us from survive to thrive in our businesses by helping us to:
– make better decisions
– have accountability for action taking
– test ideas
– be focused and avoid shiny-object syndrome
– share resources
– save money
– share wisdom, experience and encouragement
– provide a safe place to be heard

You can build your support team through:
1. – Face-to-face networking and business groups – get out there and meet other business owners, share ideas and ask for and give your support.
2. – Online groups and masterminds – this can be a powerhouse of support right at your computer.
3. – Coaches – you might be a lone sailor but you don’t need to navigate your course alone. There are many different types of coaches, so do your research, compare and choose wisely. You will be able to find one that suits your needs and budget.
4. – Create a team – who do you need to take some pressure off your workload (bookkeeper, sales manager, graphic designer, social media strategist etc). You may only need them for an hour or a project or a period of time. Find out who is available in your local area or even here in Holistic Bliss magazine.
5.- Outsource! You can’t do everything in your business if you want to thrive, so as soon as you can, delegate out to others who specialise in areas where you need a little help. (Checkout – an online network of freelancers for everything from creating documents, to virtual assistants, to managing your marketing strategy).

Get your life jacket now!
While you might not need your life jacket right now, we live in turbulent times and the weather can change at any time. It’s too late to look for it when the storm has hit. Right now be prepared. Identify, and build a strong support team that you can rely on when you need it the most.

Nicole Van Hattem has worked with hundreds of wellness professionals and big-hearted entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by the complexity of running a business. Through her coaching programs, they have moved from frustration to freedom, turning their passion into a profitable and sustainable business.

Are you a wellness professional or a big-hearted entrepreneur overwhelmed by the complexity of getting started with or running your business? Are you ready to move away from frustration and into freedom?

Contact Nicole today and discuss how she could help you have the business lifestyle of your dreams.

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Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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