The Power Of Thought By Kean Buckley

Once upon a time the Universe was created by thought. 

All ‘Matter’ thought basically energy slowed down to appear solid. Thought is unconscious for many. Carl Jung said, ‘until we make the unconscious – conscious it will direct our life and we will call it fate.’ Most only notice thought when faced by painful ones.

The original thinker is a 9th dimensional being, the source of all things, that split into male and female halves, we call God/Goddess. The 0+1. As we are made conscious of our divine/source self, we can think like one too. 

The Source code 0+1 has 9 vibrations that describe every energy in the universe. The 0+1 female and male are the consciousness in code of 9 vibrations. The divine relationship of 0+1, or the ‘nothing and everything’, ‘formless and form’ manifest everything. Think about this!

Thoughts become words. Words create worlds literally; and the pen is mightier than the sword. The only thing that creates and destroys you is you, and the thing you think about most becomes you. What you focus on is what you become. You can think flowers, or you can think weeds. Your thoughts, words, actions, and life story were once a conscious thought.

Each thought, word, and name (see March Article) has a vibration you can measure using the 9 numbers in the word matrix. Learn the power of this matrix in manifesting life.


Everything in the world has a 1-9 vibration, from our names to our Soul. Even our telephone signal or favourite radio station has a number (89.7, 90.3, 91,1, 92,5 MHz) and if you don’t tune in correctly, you miss the music, and all you get is fuzz or cackle. Many people speak hollow words or have little idea how to match the vibration of the life we are here to manifest. Think politician.

The Numbers Book 1 – is the first book ever written by numbers that create everything. It is close to 9/9ths accurate as it is written by the word matrix above. 

It is hard to believe we can think like Gods, because our schools are so numbing where we learn the cereal box style of education designed to numb. As an ex-teacher with 4 daughters, I have rarely been inspired by any school. If we taught children, the power of thought manifestation – we would support empowered souls.

We are Suveran beings born to use source code to ask and instruct the universe. When you choose your words wisely and you learn to speak in vibration, you manifest the life you are born to live. Those who do not know the nine vibrations, tend to vomit all 9 at once in a fuzz and cackled mess that the universe delivers on. Speaking 0+1 source code – using the 9 vibrations wisely helps greater presence and confidence to manifest yourself on purpose. As you clarify your thoughts you clear blockages and empower your divine gift. 
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Kean Buckley

Kean is an innovative, authentic and natural personal development facilitator, specialising in relationship and raising awareness with over twenty years experience. He is an experienced teaching counsellor, high school teacher, transformational mentor and motivational speaker.

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